Katrin Fridriks – Flying Awareness – Lazarides Rathbone


On Friday 27th of June 2014, Icelandic born abstract painter Katrin Fridriks will be opening her long awaited solo show @ Lazarides Rathbone.


After the success of her solo shows at Art 13 and Art 14 fairs, and participation in Lazarides’ 2013 group shows, BRUTAL and Fresh Paint, Flying Awareness will invade the ground-floor of the gallery for one month this summer.


With this body of work the artist is showing the new approach to her experimental use of color and liquid paint movement, layering her dripping enlargements with her black & white “leaking effects”, over solid colour background canvases.


This new technique gives the works more depth and perspective, levitating the highly abstract images from the surface, and giving the observer multiple ways of viewing the works.


The main theme of the show is constant surveillance, targeting & monitoring of mankind around the globe, and the way humans and landscapes are seen through this new technology.


This complex subject will be further explored through elaborate installation inside the gallery space and the way that the works will be displayed and presented. The show will stay on view until Thursday 24th of July 2014.


Words courtesy of Sal @ Arrested Motion

Images courtesy of the artist www.katabox.com