VNA 27 LTD Launch


We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest issue of VNA, featuring Aryz on cover, shot by Alex Fakso, and many more of our favourite artists crammed in between the pages.


Last night we partied at Stolenspace Gallery on Osborne St, celebrating the launch of our super limited screen-printed box set from Aryz for a beer courtesy of our friends at Sixpoint and some treats from Tonki plus 4 stunning Stendec originals on uncut VNA 27 sheets.

If you missed the launch and want to be in the runnings for our online lottery to buy a copy of the Aryz LTD Edition boxset, please email with the subject header: VNA 27 LTD LOTTERY

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Eddie Colla “Atavisms” @ Ian Ross Gallery



Eddie Colla is an interdisciplinary artist and designer based in Oakland, CA. After graduating from California College of the Arts in 1991, he went on to pursue a successful career as a commercial photographer and photojournalist for the New York Times before turning his focus to his personal studio and street art practice.

Over the past several years his work has been developing around the idea of what would happen if life as we knew it began to deteriorate? Would human’s uglier instincts surface as we’re trying to survive? This apocalyptic scenario of is the main theme of his upcoming show “Atavisms” that is opening @ Ian Ross Gallery on August 22nd. With these new works the artist invites us to examine the primitive instincts that exist within us all.


His body of work reflects real-world fear that plague America as the income gap widens and resources become less accessible.  Colla is examining this idea with his large-scale portraits. Rendered on metal with muted colors and rusty textures, these works appear as though they were created on the walls of long time abandoned buildings. With subjects looking similarly rugged they lock the viewer in with their gazes as they prepare themselves for whatever awaits on the horizon.


Colla envisions these people neither heroes nor victims. This uncertainty is noticeable through their eyes, but also their general looks. Placed in time and situation where society’s moral code no longer applies juxtaposition of elements of good and evil becomes normality.


“For all our refinement, technology and wisdom, there is really only a thin, fragile membrane between who we are today and who we were in the past,” said Colla. “That membrane is preserved by a structure and a set of circumstances that could break in a very short time.”


While Colla’s previous work placed the figures in megalopolises on the brink of collapse, these new works invite viewers to connect with them on a more direct, human level, rather than interpret them as symbols of a larger narrative.


Os Gemeos Mega Mural For Vancouver Biennale



Os Gemeos are currently in Vancouver, BC, working on a fantastic new project for the Vancouver Binneale. Continuing their ongoing series of murals titled “Giants” previously realized in Greece, USA, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Brazil and
England, these six gigantic 70-foot (21 metre) tall silos, are gonna be their largest mural to date, and their first one painted in Canada.

Aside from it’s impressive size, this mural is 3 dimensional, so the total surface sums up to incredible  23,500 square feet (7,162 square metres)!
Indiegogo campaign


“Had it not been for the generosity of the artists, Ocean Concrete and the curatorial, administrative and project  management support from the Biennale, this would easily have been a  million dollar project, so we’re putting the “public” back into public art”, says Miriam Blume, Director of Marketing for the Vancouver Biennale. “Our  campaign slogan, Who says you have to be a gazillionaire to be a patron of  the arts, reaches out to the global community to contribute $5, $10, $50 to  be part of the team that makes it happen”


The entire project started on Aug 6th, and is planned to be finished by the Sept 7th. But, organized by the non profit charitable organisation, this project is hugely depending on a fund raising campaign that was setup on Indiegogo. So far almost 100 supporters achieved their 1st goal of $20k, but the total cost of the project are $125,000.





Photographer: roaming-the-planet

Mission Workshop x Julien Colombier


Julien Colombier works with chalks and pastels on large surfaces, this little flick is from Mission Workshop, our favourite heavy duty bag maker, shot in Paris in early July.

See more of his work here:

Featuring the Mission Workshop Arkiv Field Pack learn more here:

James Jirat Patradoon – Hydra


The first of two exhibitions spanning Melbourne and then Sydney, ‘Hydra’ by James Jirat Patradoon channels the manic energy of the way we experience imagery online to create a series of large-scale surrealist graphite drawings.


Irrational conscious stream collages made with imagery collected from insomniac ebay hunting, tumblr, and image stock libraries are ‘slowed down’ and redrawn using the timeless and traditional medium of graphite on paper. A deliberate attempt to ‘re-authenticate’ and warm the mechanically produced to create a hybrid of analogue and digital.

Opening Night Thursday 28th August
Exhibition continues until 20th September
RVCA Corner Gallery
82 Stanley St, Collingwood

VNA Issue 27 & London Launch


VNA 27 is in stores now! You can buy online, or at any of our stockists worldwide, including WHSmiths and Barnes & Noble.


Proving that print is definitely not dead, we bring you the best of the worlds street art and graffiti scene in another jam-packed mag fresh from the London-based team.


Our cover artist, Aryz (pronounced ‘Arriz,’ for the record) is one of the youngest, most talented large-scale mural painters of his generation. He’s a total monster when it comes to the sheer size of his work, so we were stupidly excited when he agreed to do a cover feature.


We have plenty more visual stimulation from Stendec in the form of a photo feature, while Chasing Ghosts open up the doors to Israel in pictures from their recent visit to check out the Israeli art scene.


We then duck over to Culver City to chat gallery talk with Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace and get the lowdown on the scene from a different perspective.


Catching the crest of the wave with Kozyndan, we go between the sheets to talk about their rampant rabbits and spend some time with West Coast USA-based artist, Skinner, to discuss Mastodon album covers and hallucinogenics.



We get a minute with the Broken Fingaz crew to chat about skeleton porn, and the king of New York calligraphy, Faust, to uncover whether he really did a deal with the Devil to get this good.



Added to all of this, we have some amazing linear skate-style art from Don Pendleton, cute illustrations by Koralie, and more huge walls from Aussie muralist, Adnate.




To top it all off, we put our heads together with the guys behind international mural festival, POW! WOW! and revisit one of our favourite artists, Will Barras, as we go Diggin’ in the Crates to get a retrospective of his work over the years.



All-in, our 27th issue of VNA is another sterling selection of work from some of the most talented artists and supporters of the scene; we hope you can join us for the launch of the magazine and the limited edition screen-printed box set at Stolenspace Gallery, London on the 21st August, 6-9pm, supported by Tonki and Sixpoint Brewery.

We also have a small number of hand-painted originals for sale on the night from Stendec!

However, if you can’t make the launch, we will also have a small reserve of magazines available through our online lottery.

For further information, contact:

Cruel Summer @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery



On Saturday, 23rd of August, Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC will be closing their group show Cruel Summer that opened 2 weeks ago. Curated by collector, graffiti historian and urban anthropologist Roger Gastman, the show is presenting works by a very diverse artists from around the world. Even all of them coming from the graffiti/urban art background, their fine art works are significantly different in every aspect. From mediums used, to formats, themes and overall feel and looks. From abstract and conceptual, to flat and pop art ones, to comic or tattoo like ones, this exhibition shows the various way that graffiti or urban art can evolve into when entering contemporary art sphere.

The show features over 20 artists from USA, Brazil, Australia, France, Denmark, etc, including Rime (header image), Cope2, Horfe, HuskMitNavn, DabsMyla, Pose, Maya Hayuk, Blade, Revok, Caleb Neelon, Cleon Peterson, Rime, Finok, Shepard Fairey and more. With some of them being basically institutions in the urban art world, and others being hot new names, this variegated show is a must see.


Sam Friedman


Dabs Myla






Maya Hayuk






Mr Jago – New Coordinates


White Walls is pleased to present the new work of Bristol based artist, Mr Jago, in his latest exhibition titled New Coordinates. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, August 16 from 7 pm to 11 pm. The exhibit will be on view through September 6, 2014 and is free and open to the public.


The work of Mr Jago cannot be simply described or categorized. His work is dynamic and full of movement. Paintings by the artist are free flowing and organic, yet can also be described as robotic.


In his latest collection, Mr Jago explores these abstracted versions of the robotic figures that defined his early career and explains that by keeping in mind the robotic species, as well as our own, “this body of work is populated by a species of sorts a species deployed to new coordinates.” Mr Jago’s process is a mix of both fantasy and nightmare and “a journey to an unknown place and time.”


With a collection of 25 pieces, both on canvas and on paper, and the inclusion of a special 10­foot work on canvas, Mr Jago continues his exploration of new concepts, while revisiting those past.


Born in the UK in 1972, Duncan Jago is considered a veteran of the urban art and design community. He has been described as a pioneer of the Scrawl Movement. Growing up in the small village of Eye in Suffolk, Jago had an intense interest in graffiti, which led him to study illustration in Bristol.

Aqualifer Three (Detail 2)

He graduated from the University Of The West of England in Bristol in 1998.
It was there that Jago met Steff Plaetz and Will Barras, which led the way to the start of the now renowned Scrawl Collective agency. Mr. Jago’s skills lie in everything from painting and illustration to creating artwork and designs for some of the biggest international brands.

Good Hope Station (Detail) 3

INSA x INDJ – G9 Shanghai


Atelier INDJ has completed G九 上海 (G9 Shanghai) a dramatic restaurant space set within a triple height space that features a major site specific art piece by British artist INSA. The restaurant is part of mainland China’s first luxury department store; Lane Crawford.

G9 Shanghai - Atelier I-N-D-J - photo credit Bono Yan - low (9)

The restaurant G九 exists beyond it primary purpose of great food and wine and delves into a realm of exhibition, spectacle and participation.

G九 is a culmination of ideas that have influenced atelier I-N-D-J from the studios inception. Technology Industry Luxury and Excess collide; manifest in concrete, raw steel, black marble, shimmering gold, bright light and high art. G九 is a brash celebration for the rise of the Chinese economic super power, more so glittered with gold befitting of the Paris of the east – 上海

G9 Shanghai - Atelier I-N-D-J - photo credit Bono Yan - low 2 .jpeg

The notion of luxury and excess reaches its pinnacle with a major site specific super scaled artwork by British artist INSA. A user activated Lighting installation cascades through the space terminating in INSA’s trademark ‘Graffiti Fetish’ – an exploration of the iconography of modern aspirations: for the artist, the graffiti fetish concisely embodies the central concern of his output. The graffiti fetish pattern derives from two archetypal icons associated with contemporary femininity: high heels and curves – objects that have also become aspirational commodities. Within the undulating contours of this apparently abstract design, a two-fold vision of these icons is revealed: they simultaneously celebrate and question our consumerist ideology.

G9 Shanghai - Atelier I-N-D-J - photo credit Bono Yan - low (3)

Balanced upon a lateral beam A VIP platform sits high above the banquette table, this elevated position serves as symbolic elevation of status, an exclusive position of grandeur from which to survey the space, here users are invited to engage in the light installation and art piece – a 3d depth sensing camera empowers the user with the ability to control the speed brightness and pattern of the light with simple hand gestures, In this way the light installation and art work in synchronisation controlled by a singular user.

G9 Shanghai - Atelier I-N-D-J - photo credit Bono Yan - low (4)

The light installation and art work collaboration between indj and Insa marks an evolution of INSA’s pioneering work with the GIF medium; whereby multiple frames are painstakingly painted photographed and animated digitally. G9 is a reversal of this process whereby the digital is manifest physically in the 67sqm art work.

The design realisation would not have been possible without the talented efforts of Super Nature who were engaged to develop and realise the light installation digital programming and installation:

14976 LED’s
9200m of cable
956 pendant light installation
99 seats
67sqm artwork
1 Kinect camera

G9 Shanghai - Atelier I-N-D-J - photo credit Bono Yan - low (6)


Atelier INDJ is a multidisciplinary design studio. Established by Ian Douglas-Jones in 2009. Ian Mastered in Architecture at the Royal College of Art London yet has subsequently proven himself as a design poly-math – with a strong belief that there are no boundaries in design. From super-tall towers, complex mixed use architectural schemes, private residences, interiors, installations, product design, furniture and objects d’art.

Ian’s work has been internationally published and exhibited, with recent solo exhibitions in London and Shanghai. He has practiced globally with diverse projects in Europe, Russia, The Middle East, Asia and the Antipodes.


G9 Shanghai - Atelier I-N-D-J - photo credit Bono Yan - low (7)


British artist INSA began his career as a graffiti writer. Known worldwide for his trademark ‘graffiti fetish’ pattern, painted as large-scale murals around the world, this signature design now envelopes bespoke furniture, the artist’s own line of high heels, as well as custom cars, yacht sails, and private collector’s homes.

INSA’s work is held in the V&A collection, London. He has exhibited at Tate Britain, London, as well as in galleries of major cities including; Tokyo, LA, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Berlin, and Montreal. He lives and works in London, UK.

@insa_gram #INSAG9

G9 Shanghai - Atelier I-N-D-J - photo credit Bono Yan - low (8)


SUPER NATURE is a Shanghai based multi-discipline art/design studio founded by Billy Wen, Cheang Lin Yew & Yeoh Guan Hong in 2008. It specializes in interactive art/design, visual communication & media technology. It takes on challenges through experimentations in new media and physical computing.

Seeking innovation in art & design is Super Nature’s ultimate goal. It constantly commits to research & development. In Super Nature, the definition of good art/design is ‘Creating moments of engagement’.

Super Nature’s art installations have been exhibited in Shanghai, Paris, Seoul, Hong Kong, Munich, New Zealand and Kuala Lumpur.

Welcome to Black Canyon


The first venture from new Australian arts project Black Canyon opens in Melbourne next Friday, August 29.

‘Welcome To Black Canyon’ is set to feature large-scale print work by a lineup of artists from Spain, France, England, Canada, Germany and the USA (many of whom have never shown in Australia before) alongside a slew of local favourites.


Launching on the night will be the limited run risograph publication ‘Black Canyon Vision Quest 1′. A collection of bold, aggressive illustration and design,Vision Quest 1 Is Black Canyon’s statement of intent. No frills, no filler, just 16 young artists making uncompromising work.

Caitlin Shearer 1000

Black Canyon is a collaboration between Sean Morris and Tom Groves, who first worked together on the ‘Gold Blood, Magic Weirdos’ group show at Backwoods Gallery in March of this year. It was the last in a trilogy of Magic Weirdos shows curated by Morris, which were greeted by big crowds in Melbourne, Perth and London.

Nathan Brown 1000

The show runs until 5pm on Sunday August 31. Check the full lineup below:


Simon Landrein 1000

Press contact for any quotes, questions & images: