New Translations at Subliminal Projects by Scott Albrecht


Exhibition Review by Hyland Mather

This show New Translations, by Scott Ablrecht (instagram @scottyfivealive) has been getting lots of attention online, and why not… a) It’s at Shepard’s gallery, duh, and b) this new work from Scotty is quite freaking stellar.

newtranslationsA few years ago I did an interview with Scott, for hi-fructose , and as a source of sensing his progress as a maker, I went back and examined that little conversation we had … mostly to look at pictures I admit.   What becomes immediately obvious to me when scrolling back thru the pics from a minute back, is that Scott has advanced his palette, and refined his fonts and compositions, but has maintained his clear and identifiable vision and voice.

understandingIn the new work on display currently at Los Angeles based,  Subliminal Projects (Opened the 19th of November and closing the 7th of January),  Scott is showing quite clearly his sincerity and dedication to, let’s be frank, a really good opportunity to show work at a really reputable gallery in Los Angeles.   He did not sleep on the chance to take his unique brand of highly crafted woodworking, hand-drawn typography and colorful geometric design to a city and venue that would appreciate the effort.  He deserves his rewards for this.


In New Translations, Scott continues to shine his brand of relative and relevant positivism in all his work.  This is something I’ve personally always liked about Scott’s work, it is generally cheery, without being overly cute or dainty.  It doesn’t dumb down it’s general good vibes.


inalifetimeIt is nice to see Scott is advancing his font abstractions in this show as well.   In the work he did for the ‘Here and Now’ exhibition at Andenken Gallery in Amsterdam summer 2015,  he was relatively new to his abstracted geometric wooden visual slogan ‘riddles’ and now a year and change later, he has honed this work and these ideas into truly masterful compositions.

thepresentSomewhat unexpectedly, my favorite works in the show are not the highly crafted wooden slogan ‘riddles’ (though I do love them), but rather these very simplified ink on parchment pieces, pictured directly below.


A few process shots are good to have, right?



And a few installation shots, right? (courtesy of Subliminal Projects)

install1 install3 install6

Congratulations to both Scott and Subliminal for such a nice collaboration.