The Underbelly Project… Street arts worst kept secret is finally out.

So we had heard about this project at the beggining of the summer…. As whispers began to circulate of an abandoned subway station in New York City that graffiti artists and street artists were getting direct access to to cover in amazing artwork, I could feel the excitement build. Its sounds such a great idea on paper but for me it just doesnt quite work. I am struggling to put my finger on it but still, its undeniable that some of the artwork in The Underbelly Project is pretty amazing…

Jeff Soto did the stand out piece for me.

Dont get me wrong, the artists involved are pretty damn impressive and the artwork produced for the most part is pretty dope, but I cant help but feel this project falls at the last post. I think keeping it a secret underground gallery for no one to see is a kind of cool and unique idea but to then invite a bunch of journalists and bloggers down there before “Blocking the entrance forever” just reeks of exclusivity and then getting a big spread in the Sunday Times and New York Times to sort of launch the project is a bit weak too. Why not just release a nice video of the project? Or hold a big photographic exhibition to show off the artwork? It just doesnt sit very well with me.  Still, check out some of the artwork and make up you own mind.

Revok and Ceaze adding some much needed colour to the dark space.

Spazmat = good shit. Love this piece.

At the end of the day its still a really interesting idea and im glad we get to see some of the artwork, what do you think? Here is the link to the Sunday Times article…

These very nice images are by Luna Park (Check out the rest)

By the way, these are the opinions of me (George) not of the entire VNA team.