Rotring 600 vs Rapid Pro

Rotring 600 vs Rapid Pro – Know The Actual Difference

Let’s agree on a statement that we all want the best mechanical pens or pencils for our writing/drawing purposes. And when it’s about the best, ‘Rotring’ would be on the list.

It’s been a famous brand in the drawing and writing tool industry for years now. Their instruments are generally designed for the optimal ink flow, and they’re fitted with the finest nibs!

Coming to the models, the Rotring 600 vs. Rapid Pro are the most trendy ones so far. Both pens are durable, well-built, and kind of similar looking too!

In this article, we’ll be putting barriers between these Rotring tools though it’s challenging to do so as almost everything is the same. Still, we’ll try to give you the exact specifications, advantages, and disadvantages along with the comparison part.

Bear with us!

What Is Rotring 600?

What Is Rotring 600?

Rotring 600 is a mechanical pen/pencil initially released back in 1989 (very old and classy) and re-released in 2018 in the market. Being the oldest one, it’s still one of the best ballpoint pens right now among the people.

The construction, material, and comfort level are reasons why people are so much into this amazing tool!

Specifications of Rotring 600

Specifications of Rotring 600

The body construction of this pencil is metal. Frankly, this one’s crafted from brass and available in a superior black finish. For these, your pen won’t break at all. Thus, longevity will be guaranteed!

Although Rotring 600 seems to be heavy as a Rotring drafting pencil, trust us, it’s not. A super comfy and well-balanced combination is something you’ll find in this tool.

Moreover, the knurled grip is here so that you can write or draw for multiple hours without any hand fatigue. That’s pretty impressive!

Don’t forget about this pen’s amazing hexagonal body, which ensures you don’t get any finger soreness. Plus, this design confirms the pen doesn’t roll away when you keep it somewhere.

Another great thing about this tool is that it uses a standard lead system as a pencil. The advancement will make sure to push the lead through the barrel as it’s fitted with the clicker!

Rotring 600 is super convenient and easy to carry for all these things. Just retract it to avoid leg poking or pocket leakings. That’s it!

Benefits of Rotring 600

The benefits of Rotring 600 are –

  • Precise drawing and writing
  • Easy to carry around anywhere
  • No flipping or rolling away when kept on a surface
  • Long-lasting
  • Has comfortable and supportive grip
  • Prevents breakage easily
  • It can be used for several hours straight

Disadvantages of Rotring 600

There are some disadvantages of Rotring pencils or pens too –

  • They can be quite expensive
  • The tip sometimes can get weak after intensive hours of writing

What Is a Rapid Pro?

What Is a Rapid Pro?

Rapid Pro is an alternative design of the Rotring brand, which comes with a pen and pencil form for multiple writing and drawing purposes. This one’s one of the most popular tools, just like the Rotring 600!

Specifications of Rapid Pro

Specifications of Rapid Pro

Often, we face the issue of pencil breaking, which is quite irritating. To be honest, that’s not happening here, as this one comes with a sliding lead sleeve. It helps to protect your tool from breaking easily.

A highly defined metal is used to make Rapid Pro Pen. It’s strong, powerful, and well-balanced altogether. Plus, less effort is needed to hold this tool which is amazing if you’re a professional writer or sketcher!

The gadget comes with different lead sizes like 2.0mm lead, 0.7mm lead, and 0.5 mm lead. In addition, different colors are available like matte black, silver chrome, and black. Choose one depending on your preference.

Last but not least, it has a non-slip knurled handle, so the grip is super smooth to hold. With a cushion design, the lead breaking won’t happen. Again, a built-in sharpener is here for easy use. How convenient, right?

Benefits of Rapid Pro

The benefits of the Rotring rapid pro mechanical pencil are insane. They are –

  • Full metal body provides aesthetic and strong construction
  • The non-slip handle helps to hold easily
  • It has a precise cushion lead system for smoothness
  • Has built-in sharpener
  • Long-lasting

Disadvantages of Rapid Pro

Just like benefits, it has disadvantages too –

  • It scratches easily
  • The cap might be loose

Differences Between Rotring 600 vs Rapid Pro

Now that you know the specifications, benefits, and disadvantages, let’s quickly do a comparison part of these two!






Rotring 600

23.7 g




Rapid Pro

25.3 g


Metal with Plastic


1. Dimensions

Both these mechanical pens have a retractable sleeve so they can be pocket safe. Also, they have the same hexagonal design. The difference lies in the size and weight part.

Rotring Rapid Pro weighs 25.3g, and Rotring 600 weighs 23.7g. Also, Rotring 600 is a bit smaller than rapid Pro.

Moving to the length, Rorting 600 is 137mm, and Rapid Pro is 145 mm, while the width of both of them is the same (9mm).

If you have large hands, go for Rapid Pro as it’s bigger. And if you think you need something lightweight and small, go for Rotring 600.

2. Build Quality

The mechanical pens have reasonable weight, a nice finish, superior design, and knurled handle. No matter which one you select, you’ll get that comfort while holding them.

But, their construction is a little different. Rotring 600 has a full metal body with a metal threading connector. This confirms the durability and reliability.

On the other hand, Rapid Pro is surely metal-made but doesn’t have metal threading. Instead, the connector is made of plastic! As a result, you won’t get that metallic feel, and it can crack if you sit on it or drop it by accident.

Well, you’ll also get 2 years of warranty in Rapid Pro, which you won’t in Rotring 600.

3. Performance

Two pens are good enough when you’re writing for school projects or work. But if you’re a professional sketcher or writer, Rapid Pro will be good for you as it has a large but comfortable grip.

On the other hand, Rotring 600 is smaller and can be uncomfortable to write for several hours.

Whatever you say, Rapid Pro can be great for writing purposes for more hours, but it can’t be iconic like Rotring 600!

4. Refill

Talking about a refill, Rorting 600 can be irritating sometimes as it has tips with some refills, which isn’t the case with Rapid Pro.

5. Price

The cost of these two is constantly changing, but Rapid Pro is usually the cheaper one. Again, the cost depends on the color you choose too.

Rorting 600 has multiple prices for multiple colors, and it can be a little pricier than the Rapid Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Rotring 600 all metal?

Yes, Rotring 600 is all metal. It’s the iconic pen for you to use for a lifetime. The tool is well balanced for all writing and drawing purposes for the full metal structure.

2. Why is Rotring so expensive?

Well, good things are always expensive. Rotring has the best engineering, best design, more precision, and manufacturing. The quality is drop-dead and lasts for a long time!

3. Is Rotring good for drawing?

Of course. As it’s a drafting pencil, it’s generally used for lettering, drawing, and sketching. The balance and weight are perfect, so you can hold it easily and comfortably for hours!


That’s the end of our comparison between Rapid Pro vs Rotring 600. Both mechanical tools are superior in their own place. At first glance, you won’t find that much difference, but you may find the slightest contrast if you observe carefully.

However, try to purchase one depending on your work schedule and enjoy the outcome to the fullest.

Good luck!