How To Use Watercolor Pencils For Beginners

How To Use Watercolor Pencils For Beginners

If you do painting often then you may have heard the name of watercolor. But you will be amazed to know that you can create the same kind of art with just pencils which are called the watercolor pencil.

These pencils look similar to the regular color pencils even you won’t notice any difference at first glance.

But when you add some water to your painting, you will see the magical transformation of a typical painting to a watercolor painting.

If you are new to the painting, you may wonder how to use watercolor pencils for beginners. Don’t worry, with the help of this article, you will eventually know how to use them and make a great painting from them.

Required Materials for Painting with Watercolor Pencils

Required Materials for Painting with Watercolor Pencils

Before beginning the paint job practically with watercolor pencils, you need to collect some proper materials first.

After collecting them, keep all the material close to your painting place and start following the procedure section. The required materials for watercolor pencil drawing are given below with proper details.

1. Box of Watercolor Pencils

Box of Watercolor Pencils

First of all, you need to collect these watercolor pencils first. There are several kinds of watercolor pencil boxes available on the market.

If you are a beginner choosing the box that comes with 12 watercolor pencils will be the best idea as they are easily affordable, and you will get all the primary colors for your painting.

These pencils come with an easy sharpening process, and their anti-breaking structure ensures the best user experience. So if you are interested in watercolor painting, buy a watercolor pencils box; it won’t make you disappoint.

2. Water

However, after collecting the watercolor pencil box, you obviously need some water to make the watercolor paints. A cup of water should be more than enough, no matter how much you have to paint. But make sure the water is clean and completely neutral.

3. Paint Palette

Paint Palette

The paint palette can be made with several elements like plastic, steel, ceramic, mud and more. But you need to choose which one is perfect for you.

As a beginner, you can choose the plastic ones as they are cheap and durable too. You have to manage at least one paint palette and, if possible, go for two palettes.

4. Different Size Brushes

Undoubtedly a pro artist or painter needs many brushes of different sizes, but as a beginner, you can start painting with just three brushes. You have to collect a small, medium and a large brush.

With these three-sized brushes, you can manage to paint easily. But if you think you need a more specific sized brush, you should go for it as they are not much expensive.

5. 2b Graphite Pencil and an Eraser

Though these are optional choices, but if you are a beginner, these things will be very helpful for you. You can easily give the shape of anything on your painting with the help of the graphite pencil and easily erase things that are not appropriate with the help of the eraser.

But if you can able to paint directly with the color pencils, you don’t need to collect these materials. Though as a beginner, starting the painting with a graphite pencil will be a wise choice.

6. Art Papers

As a consequence of watercolor pencil painting, go for the thickest offset paper you found, as water can damage the regular paper by warping and wrinkling. So you need a thick one to deal with the water.

And in terms of watercolor painting, offset papers are usually used. Decide your painting size and collect the appropriate size of the art paper according to your need.

Process Of How To Use Watercolor Pencils For Beginners

Process Of How To Use Watercolor Pencils For Beginners

Now it is time to start making paintings by using the watercolor pencil. With these simple step-by-step procedures, you will be able to learn how to paint by using watercolor pencils no matter you are a beginner or not.

  • Collect all the material from the above discussion and put everything in front of you.
  • Now, start your painting with the 2b graphite pencil and use an eraser if necessary.
  • After making the shapes of your paint now, it is time to color them, do it carefully.
  • If the coloring of your painting is complete now, you have to add water to them.
  • Pour water on the holes of the paint palette according to your number of color usage.
  • Now use the brushes to add water to your color; choose the brush size wisely.
  • Choose the different holes from the paint palette for the different colors.
  • Wipe the brushes well with tissues or rags before switching the colors.
  • After finishing the process of adding water, leave it to dry correctly.

Now your painting with watercolor pencil is done, look how amazing the paint you have just made.

Watercolor Pencils vs. Watercolor Paints: Which One You Should Use?

For making a watercolor painting, you can choose either watercolor pencils or watercolor paint. Both have almost similar effects, but painting with watercolor paint is not easy, especially for beginners; it can be the most challenging job to do.

In this situation, the watercolor pencil can be the best solution for you as they are simple to use. On the other hand, watercolor paints are easily consolidated, whereas watercolor pencils have no issues like that they have a much more long-lasting structure.

Moreover, good watercolor paint comes with expensive price tags, but watercolor pencils are much cheaper yet.

In fact, you can use watercolor pencils for drawing and painting for both purposes, which is also a cost-efficient thing you should consider as a beginner artist.

However, if you love to paint while traveling, choosing watercolor pencils can be the best option for you as it will reduce the hassle of carrying all the material for making the paint.

You can just make the paint with watercolor pencils, and when you come back home, you can add water into them.

Final Words

So, after all of the discussion, I hope you already know why you need to choose watercolor pencils over watercolor paint and the answer to the question, how to use watercolor pencils for beginners.

But if you are still confused about it, I will suggest starting painting with the watercolor pencil practically, gradually you will learn the best use of it,

Most beginners lose their interest while doing it for the first time. But don’t lose hope; always remember practice makes a man perfect.

Just collect the appropriate materials and start painting practice by following the procedure steps by step. Keep presence eventually; you will get the best results from the watercolor pencil.