How to Use Scented Wax Cubes

How to Use Scented Wax Cubes – Easy And Quick Methods

Using scented wax cubes is a good choice to make your house fragrant. You can use scented wax cubes by melting them. But many people don’t know how to. You can use either a warmer or other various methods.

Today, we are going to show you some steps so you can melt the scented wax cubes yourselves. So, read this article on how to use scented wax cubes to learn your preferred method.

What Is a Scented Wax Cube? How Does it Work?

What Is a Scented Wax Cube? How Does it Work?

Scented wax cubes are the better version of candles. Usually, you will find them placed in a warmer. These warmers look similar to candleholders.

Candles melt off after being used for a certain amount of time. But this isn’t the case with scented wax cubes.

With scented wax cubes, after melting, they drip into their warmers, so the surrounding place doesn’t get messy.

It’s super easy to use, and you don’t even have to clean anything at all except remove the melted hard wax from the warmer.

It provides a sweet fragrance to your home, which really makes it far more popular than candles.

How to Use Scented Wax Cubes with Warmer?

How to Use Scented Wax Cubes with Warmer?

Now before we get into the steps of using scented wax cubes, you need to know that warmers can be of various types. We will explain all the varieties of warmers below and give instructions on how to use them –

1. Incandescent Bulb Wax Warmer

You can find old-fashioned lightbulbs fixed under the wax container in incandescent bulb wax warmers and the heat radiating from the lightbulb melts the wax cubes.

The lightbulb also provides light for the environment too, which is a nice addition.

Using it is quite simple. First, put some scented wax cubes on the container. Then you need to choose a suitable bulb that can emit enough heat to melt the wax cubes. After that, turn on the warmer, and you are good to go.

2. Electrical Plug-in Warmer

Next, we have the plug-in warmer, which you don’t have to put in any place to use it. You just have to plug it in your electrical socket, and it will do its work.

These warmers may or may not come with built-in LED light and is the same as other warmers except for the plug-in system.

First, put some wax cubes on the container, then find an appropriate place with an electrical socket. Next plug in the warmer and turn on the switch to make the warmer start heating up.

3. Tea Light Wax Warmer

The last warmer’s unique as it doesn’t have to do anything with electricity rather it has a spot for placing candles in it.

So, you can place a candle underneath the wax cubes container, and the heat from the candles is enough to melt the wax cubes. It is a nice method as it saves both electricity and money.

How to Use Scented Wax Cubes Without Warmer?

How to Use Scented Wax Cubes Without Warmer?

Even if you don’t have a warmer at home, there is nothing to worry about. Fortunately, you can use some methods which involves the simplest of materials available at home

1. Microwave Method

How to Use Scented Wax Cubes With Microwave

For the first method, you will need a microwave which is a common appliance available in almost every household. It melts wax the same way as warmers, but the only downside is that it takes a lot of time and patience to do it.

First, you are going to need a microwave bowl and place the wax cubes in it. Then keep the bowl inside the microwave, and let it heat for 10-15 seconds.

After that, take it out and stir the melted wax. Repeat this process over and over again until the wax cubes reach a liquid-like consistency.

Next, you can use the melted wax to add fragrance to your home. After the wax has hardened, you can throw it away or reheat it in the microwave to reuse it again.

2. Stove Method

For this method, you will need two pots, one medium and one small. Then you have to fill one-fourth of the medium pot with water, and small pot with wax cubes.

After you are ready, place the medium pot with water on the stove. Then place the other pot inside the medium pot. Then, turn on the stove, and let the container warm on low heat.

Let the wax cubes heat until it melts. After 10-15 minutes, you will have melted wax cubes to use in your home.

3. Jar Method

To use this method, you have to take a glass jar with a wide opening, a shallow dish, and a candle.

Be sure that you are using a jar that can fit a candle inside otherwise, the method won’t work. Also, the candle should be long enough to reach the opening of the jar.

Ensuring you have gathered all the things; you have to place the candle inside the jar. Then light the candle, and place the shallow dish atop the opening of the jar.

Finally, put some wax cubes on the dish, and you are done. The candle’s heat will allow the cubes to melt, releasing aroma in your home.

How Long Do Scented Wax Cubes Last?

How Long Do Scented Wax Cubes Last?

A scented wax cube will last longer, depending on its type and quality. Your average wax cubes will last from 6 to 12 hours. But if the wax cubes are expensive, they can last much longer.

It also depends on how you use it. If you warm it continuously, it will lose its fragrance within 10 hours. On the other hand, if you warm it up after certain time intervals, it could even last for a whole day.

Again, how long the cubes have been on store shelves might also have an impact on their durability.

Last but not least, bigger cubes last much longer than small ones, and the maximum temperature of your warmer also affects the time the wax cubes last.

Tips for Making the Scented Wax Cubes Last Longer

Tips for Making the Scented Wax Cubes Last Longer

If you want to make the most out of your wax cubes, follow the steps below to make your scented wax cubes last much longer than usual –

1. Set Low Temperature

The easiest way to make your wax cubes last longer is to set the temperature to low on your warmer. If the temperature is high, the wax cubes will melt faster causing them to last only for a short amount of time.

2. Clean Your Warmer Regularly

A dirty warmer is one of the reasons for wax cubes not releasing fragrance properly. When previously melted wax mixes with your newly melted wax, the warmer’s working efficiency is reduced.

For the wax cubes to last longer, you need to have the warmer working in a fine condition.

3. Turn off When You Don’t Need It

Burning wax cubes all day long is absolutely wasteful. You can let the warmer heat for a few hours and let it rest for a certain period of time.

As even after turning off the heater, the aroma doesn’t fade away. So, using the warmer for certain intervals of time lets your wax cubes last for even a whole day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best wax warmer?

Undoubtedly, among all warmers, electrical plug-in warmers are the best for their quickness and efficiency. It’s also the most good-looking warmer out there.

Not only does it melt your wax cubes the fastest, but you also have a choice for an additional fancy LED lighting.

2. Can I reuse hardened wax over and over again?

Yes, you can melt the hardened wax over and over again for long-lasting fragrance in your home. However, there is a limited number of times the wax can actually release the fragrance.

After 3-4 times, you will find out that the wax cubes don’t have any fragrance anymore, which means it’s time for you to replace the wax cubes.

So, make sure you replace wax cubes from time to time; otherwise, the warmer will be heating the cubes for nothing which will waste your electricity.

3. Why are not my scented wax cubes melting?

This could mean only one thing, and that is – the temperature is not enough for the wax cubes to melt. Wax cubes normally melt in temperature a bit more than room temperature.

So, make sure you are heating the wax cubes using the right amount of heat.

Final Words

Using wax cubes is a really simple task when you know your stuff. You just have to have the right materials, and you will have a long-lasting sweet fragrance in your home.

You can also follow the tips mentioned in this article to make your wax cubes last longer.

So, I hope you can get some benefits from reading this article on how to use scented wax cubes and maximize the usage of your scented wax cubes properly.