How To Make Glow in The Dark Paint

How To Make Glow in The Dark Paint

If you are interested in making fun crafts and DIY projects, there is something that will make your things more interesting: glowing paint that glows in the dark or with black light. Glowing paint is a magical thing that is very eye-pleasing, especially for kids.

Now, you may wonder how to make glow in the dark paint. Don’t worry; we are here to help you. You can easily collect them from any paint shop or stationery shop near you are.

Even several simple ingredients can be used to make glow in the dark paint right at home, and you don’t have to spend extra for it.

Elements You Need to Make Glowing Paints

Elements You Need to Make Glowing Paints

There are some simple elements you need to use for making the glowing paint. They are-

  • Phosphorescent Powder
  • Highlighters pens or marker
  • Anti-cutter or scissor
  • Pliers or wire cutter
  • Container or jar
  • Cups of water
  • Paintbrushes
  • UV blacklight

Ways of Making Glow in the Dark Canvas Painting

Ways of Making Glow in the Dark Canvas Painting

There are several ways of making glowing paint that glow in the dark or black light. The most popular way is using Phosphorescent powder and using Highlighter pens or markers. Let’s discuss them.

1. How to Make Glow with Phosphorescent Powder

How to Make Glow with Phosphorescent Powder

Using Phosphorene powder is a comparatively expensive way than using highlighters, but it is a much more effective way to glow anything with any colors that you want.

But finding it can be the hardest job for you. You may look online for it, or you can search on departmental stores and stationery shops.

  1. First of all, you need to collect the Phosphorescent powder from anywhere possible.
  2. Choose the size of the particles; larger particles are brighter and rough to paint. And smaller particles are glowing slightly dim but creating a smoother paint finishing.
  3. Now choose the paint type you will mix with the Phosphorene powder. If you mix a clear paint, like an acrylic gel, the paint will be invisible in light and if you want to make the paint visible to the light, mix acrylic or tempera paint in any color you like.
  4. Now take 20% Phosphorescent powder of your required paint quantity and mix them in a container.
  5. After mixing the Phosphorescent powder and paint properly, now its the time for applying it to your crafts or things with the paintbrushes, make sure you start coloring immediately after the mix-up; otherwise, the glowing nature of the mixer can be weak.

2. How To Make Glow in The Dark Paint with Highlighters

How To Make Glow in The Dark Paint with Highlighters

Highlighter pens or markers can be a great solution if you do not want the hassle of finding the Phosphorescent powder and want the cheapest way of glowing something in the dark.

Let’s talk about the process of how to make glow in the dark paint with highlighters. Just follow this DIY project procedure step by step.

  1. Collect some highlighter pens and markers to make sure they contain enough ink inside them. Don’t forget to check whether they glow in the dark and with dark light by writing anything on paper and checking if it is glowing or not in a darker place or putting a dark light above it.
  2. Now open the back cap of the pen or marker to remove the felt from it. If you cannot open the back cap, simply break it using any pliers or wire cutter, but make sure you are not damaging the felt inside.
  3. Cut the top and bottom tip of the felt by using an anti-cutter or scissor.
  4. Then took a container or a jar and placed it into your sink. Hold the felt above the container or jar and let some drop of water run into it. The ink will be started coming out from the felt with the water.
  5. Start Squeeze the foam of the felt from the upper side to the bottom to ensure you are relishing all the ink from the inside of the felt.
  6. Now take the container of the highlighter water and add the same quantity of cornstarch according to the highlighter water and start blending them properly. It will be the basics of the DIY homemade glowing paint that glows in the dark.
  7. If you want any specific color, add some drops of food color into it to get your desired color.
  8. Now start applying the mixer on any surface you want to glow in the dark. First, apply one layer of the paint and let it dry. Now, paint the second layer and create several layers to ensure maximum glowing brightness and legibility of the paint.

So whatever you choose to make the actual glowing mixer among Phosphorescent powder and highlighter pens or makers, make sure you are following the steps from the above carefully.

And after applying them to your crafts, now it is time to watch them glow. First of all, turn off the light in your room and make sure no light source is open like windows or doors.

Now light up the UV-A blacklight, place it above your crafts, and see how beautifully it is glowing.

Final Words

So, after all of the discussion, I am pretty sure you already understand how to make glow in the dark paint. I hope you are already planning to make the mixer for glowing your crafts and other things that you want to see glowing.

First of all, choose any specific method from the above and collect the element the procedure is demanding, and by following the process step by step, your glowing in the dark paint will be ready.

Still, if you are confused about making it, you can take video tutorial help over the internet like YouTube. But make sure you read the article thoroughly before watching the video tutorials then your perception will be clear properly to make glow in the dark paint.