How To Clean A Paint Brush With Mineral Spirits

How To Clean A Paint Brush With Mineral Spirits

We all need to use oil-based paints either for making paintings or decorating household things. While painting, I am pretty sure you have encountered with the hassle of cleaning the paint brushes.

Most of the paints have sticky nature, and because of that, they are easily coagulated with the paint brushes and properly cleaning them can be a big issue for you.

If you are tired of cleaning brushes, we are here to help you. In this discussion, you will know how to clean a paint brush with mineral Spirits.

However, the time you spend cleaning the paint brushes will be reduced by half if you use mineral spirits.

Choosing The Right Mineral Spirits to Collect

Choosing The Right Mineral Spirits to Collect

There are different types of Spirits available in the market. Not all types of sprites can be used for cleaning brushes. You need to ensure you are picking the mineral one for cleaning the paint brushes.

You will easily get the mineral Spirits in the hardware store or paint shop near your area. With some appropriate elements and following the proper way,

you will easily make your paint brush clean by using mineral Spirits. So let’s discuss about the material and process of cleaning the paint brushes.

Elements for Cleaning the Paint Brush

  • Mineral Spirits
  • Paper towel and rags
  • Bowl or jar or any vessel
  • Disposable gloves
  • Normal Water

Process of How To Clean A Paint Brush With Mineral Spirits

Process of How To Clean A Paint Brush With Mineral Spirits

After collecting all of these elements, it is time to clean the paint brushes. By following the process step by step, you can easily clean the paint brushes.

  1. First of all, wear disposable gloves to maintain safety as you will deal with chemicals.
  2. Now try to remove the paint as much as possible by wiping the brushes with a paper towel and rags.
  3. Now pour the mineral Spirits into the vessel and leave the brushes into the mineral Spirits for a while.
  4. After shaking into the mineral Spirits for 10-20 seconds, pull the brushes out from the vessel.
  5. Placing the brushes into the mineral Spirits for a long can damage your brushes, so consider the timing carefully.
  6. Start forcing the brush tips upward and backward into the vessel to break the brushes’ coagulated paint.
  7. Consequently, you can jerk the brushes into the mineral Spirits to better clean the paint brushes.
  8. Now remove the mineral Spirits out from the brushes by wiping them against the vessel.
  9. You can also use water to remove the remaining dirt of paint and Spirits from the paint brushes.
  10. At last, you have to wipe the brushes with dry paper towels and clean rags. Clean it properly until it looks dry and clean.

So the clean-up process is done now store the brushes in a dry cabinet and dispose of the waste in the safest waste dump possible to avoid any kind of harm for humans and as well as for animals.

Are the Mineral Spirits Better for Cleaning the Paint Brushes?

Are the Mineral Spirits Better for Cleaning the Paint Brushes?

There are many kinds of chemicals for removing paints from anything, but most of them are harmful to the paint brushes, especially for the bristles and glues that hold them with the brush.

As the mineral Spirits did not destroy the paint brushes’ glue and bristles, we can say that mineral Spirits are better for cleaning them, but remember that you should not soak the brushes for a long time.

Mineral Spirits clean the paint stains from the brushes effectively without any damage to the brushes. You can clean the paint easily from the paint brushes, no matter how intense the paint is.

But remember you should clean the brushes as soon as possible after the painting job is done; otherwise, the paint will deposit strongly on the brush, which will be the worst to clean.

Pro Tips for Cleaning Paint Brush

Pro Tips for Cleaning Paint Brush

By Using Solvent

Basically, Solvent is Thinner. Solvent Thinner is well known for removing paint stains. It can be an effective choice for cleaning your paint brushes if you cannot manage the mineral Spirits near your surroundings.

Though they are comparatively working less than mineral Spirits, it can still be manageable by considering its price range. The using procedure is entirely similar to the mineral Spirits producer that I discussed above.

By Using Other Liquids

If you are from any remote area where you cannot manage mineral Spirits or Thinner, in that case, you can also use Vinegar or fabric softener or warm soapy water as an optional choice for cleaning paint brushes.

Using vinegar and fabric softener are almost the same. First of all, pour some White Vinegar or fabric softener into a cooking pot and mix some water into it.

Then keep the paint brushes into the mixer and close the pot’s lid. Now put the pot on a stove and boil the mixer. Now take the pot out from the stove and let it cool for a while.

After cooling it down completely, pull out the brushes from the mixer, comb the bristles, and wipe out the mixer liquid. Now wash them properly with simple water and use a paper towel and rags to soak the water.

If the brushes dry correctly now, you can store them for the next usage. And if you want to use warm soapy water, you need to do the cleaning process immediately after the paint job is done.

So you can only use warm soapy water for cleaning the paint brushes if you do it instantly; otherwise, it won’t work.

Final Words

Lastly, you should know a well-maintained paint brush will last for a long time without having any damages. Improper cleaning can damage the bristle and the glues of the brushes.

And with the damaged bristles, you will never have the appropriate result from the paint brush. So in this situation, you can use mineral Spirits to avoid damages.

From the above discussion of the cleaning process and with proper elements, I hope you have already learned how to clean a paint brush with mineral Spirits. Keep patience while doing it, and make sure you dispose of the waste in the appropriate waste dump.