VNA Issue 31

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VNA Issue 31

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VNA 31 is out now. Get your copy online and in stores, featuring the inimitable CYRCLE heading up the show.

This all-new, bigger, bolder issue has been redesigned for a larger format so that we can show off the artists’ work better. However, we’re still keeping our commitment to bringing you the finest artwork we can find from the furthest flung continents.

UK artists are strongly represented with the mighty David Shillinglaw, Iain Macarthur and Ermsy‘s work displayed between the sheets. We also take a look back through ex-pat Mysterious Al‘s work over the years as the Melbourne-based monster goes Diggin’ In The Crates.

Moustachioed Parisienne Kashink holds it up for the French, giving us a wonderful insight into her views on gender, sexuality and her own unique style.

Aussie bad boy Mark Whalen, aka Killpixie, reminisces over tags and jail time as he brings us bang up to speed with his latest bacchanalian body of work from his new home city of LA.

The Swiss are getting beaten at their own game by Turkesa – the Spanish graffiti artist turned tattooist tells us how she’s currently holding it down in the Alps, but itching to get back to Barcelona to set up her own shop and get painting again.

Over in Portugal, we speak to the Director of VhilsUnderdogs in Lisbon, Pauline Foessel, to get our usual fix of Gallery Talk and a glimpse of her business acumen that made the space the institution that it is.

Big dog Eddie Zammit throws a spotlight on Owen Dippie, a colourful Kiwi who’s tearing up some big walls all over the world right now.

Sticking over in the Antipodes, we also catch up with graff legend and unsung hero, Phibs, a man who’s quietly been getting on with it and keeping his nose clean from much of the beef that goes with the scene for over two decades.

No-Way‘s Charlotte Jansen gets down with the cool kids and explores the leafy world of Pastel FD, a self-described ‘Urban Acupuncturist’, capable of creating huge-scale artwork with the best of them.

City highlights include our very own London, with pictures from Nelly Duff Gallery‘s Auderi Chen, as well as our regular favourites, Claude Crommelin, Hookedblog‘s Mark Rigney, Paul Gray and Nolionsinengland.

Flipping back over to the other side of the world, we look through the lens of Grace Dewar and co, as we wander the streets of Toowoomba to look at the massive murals there that form part of the First Coat festival.

Last, but by very no means least, is a photographer who has been with us from the start, Ian Cox, aka the man behind Wallkandy, is our well-deserved Instagram feature this issue, showing us just why he’s one of the most in-demand cameramen in the art world.

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