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Olek – Kiss The Future

Olek recently returned to her mother country, visiting a women’s prison in Poland for an art project involving the residents.

As she says: ‘I made them feel important and useful. I am changing my ticket, staying here longer to spend more time with the Polish ladies. I feel they need it. Or, maybe it is me who need them’

The piece reads ‘pocałunek przyszłość’, or ‘kiss the future’, in Polish.

Here’s a bunch of images from her time there so far, we’ll let the pictures do the talking…

kiss the future jail by olek 02

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A comparatively short visit to London by Crochet artist Olek for a solo show at Tony’s Gallery turned into a long involuntary stay. Luckily for VNA, photographer and writer NoLionsInEngland was able to get to know Olek well and we are delighted that Olek allowed us to produce an in-depth profile for issue 21 of VNA magazine. The interview is reproduced below and thanks to less space pressure we can provide a greater selection of photographs illustrating the striking visuals and intense colour of Olek’s various art forms.

Words by NoLionsInEngland
Images copyright Olek except NoLionsInEngland where stated.

tn_olek and albert 04
Olek crocheting Albert Einstein memorial, Washington DC

Flamboyant and colourful, fizzing with energy yet melancholy, Olek the crochet artist sits knees folded sipping a tea outside a Shoreditch cafe. Her skirt rises up her leg revealing an electronic curfew tag, the tangible evidence of Olek’s run-in with the law which is why she has been in London for more than a year. An incident in a bar fending off the unwanted fumblings of a drunk man led to Olek being found guilty in a London court of “Wounding without intent”. From her Spring 2012 solo show at Tony’s Gallery to the charge, the trial and then the sentencing, Olek has been anchored in London as a no-fixed-abode couch nomad for over a year.

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