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Amanda Marie – I Was Just Thinking

White Walls present the first solo exhibition in San Francisco by American painter and stencil artist, Amanda Marie. Amanda plays with stencils and paint to place evocative characters in her work. The childlike illustrations explore deeper, more sophisticated themes of sexuality, envy, elation and greed.


Drawing on illustrations and characters that reference popular mid-20th century children’s books, Amanda has appropriated these ideals of an Americana childhood to her own contemporary devices. Playing with the notions of wholesome American innocence, her characters are then lifted out of context into a surreal state of stasis, dislocating them from their comfortable surroundings.

For more information on Amanda, visit her site:


Follow Amanda on Instagram: @seeyouthroughit.

Opening Reception – Saturday, January 11, 7-11pm

at White Walls, 886 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94109


Reka in SF

He’s been at it again..

Reka has painted a massive 60 foot Peace sign on the side of a law university in downtown San Fran. The location is corner of Hyde & Mcallister st. in the Tenderloin district. The wall was painted in the lead up to his solo exhibition called “3am Femmes” at Whitewalls Gallery which opened last Saturday night.



Jonathan Darby on Congo at White Walls

The show – which closes on 8th December – features paintings, film, photography as well as a floor to ceiling installation of a street scene and refugee camp. The show is a response to the artist’s time spent working with Aprart (of which he is the creative director) in Goma, Democratic republic of Congo, a city of 1 millon people. He worked with street children, orphans and former child soldiers painting large murals and running painting workshops. Goma is the setting and context of this show and the kids in this show are from and live in Goma. Last week, while the show was on display at the gallery in San Francisco, the city of Goma was over thrown by the rebel group m23. It was never thought that the rebel forces would be able to take the eastern capital. Considering the current political situation in the DRC and furthermore the involvement of neighboring countries, the exhibition is bringing attention to particularly poignant issues. Please check it while you can.

More info: White Walls and Jonathan Darby.

"Wonder Club" by Sickboy

Sickboy is in San Francisco producing a show of sick and twisted dreams, childhood imaginations, and hopes and fears. The show includes heavy installation pieces and a series of original paintings, low edition screen prints on wood, painted metal boxes, and the iconic Sickboy temple pieces on wood and book covers. I have here exclusive photographs shot by Colin M. Day, along with some questions and tid bits into the current life of Sickboy. This show is uncurated by Ben Eine. If you’re in SF make sure to stop by White Walls, Saturday March 17th from 7-11pm. Stay tuned for more shots of the opening, and walls with Sickboy and Eine.

Below are some brief questions with Sickboy and Eine:

VNA: What has been your experience of the Tenderloin, SF so far?

Sickboy: It’s pretty insane on the surface, but behind the crackheads and alcoholics there is a nice strong connected community. Although, some of the craziest things I’ve seen here so far was on the first day of the month when the homeless got their government checks and it was like Night of the Living Dead on the streets.

VNA: Why are you excited about this show?

Sickboy: It’s my first US show in a city I’ve never been, but always wanted to go to. I’m able to make new ideas come to life. Since this is my first solo show in the states and in San Francisco, I really want to smash it.

VNA: Your shows are based heavily on installation. Tell us about the theme for this installation?

Sickboy: The gallery has two separate rooms and themes. The back room I’m turning into a psychedelic child’s room. Since I’ve been here I have collected little bits from the Tenderloin, and also brought bits from the UK which will all be included in the room. In the main front room will be a resurrection of one of my cartoon coffins underneath dirt, surrounded by rainbows, and lit up with a one of a kind light box. Sick!

VNA: Hello Ben. How are you? How long have you been in San Francisco for?

Eine: Ya, cool. Been here for three days.

VNA: How long have you known Sickboy?

Eine: I’ve known of Sickboy for years and years, but I’ve known him personally since he moved to London.

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Another Great ROA Video

ROA paints his scavenger animals on finely aged walls as if the creatures were his own. In fact, it honestly seems like they come from apart of him, with each animal representing an important part of himself and our ecosystem. The amount of care, caution, and contemplation that goes into each wall and painting of ROA’s is beautiful to see in person, in print, or online.

Along with the documentation created by Spencer Cunningham (covered here, also make sure to check out ROA III by Spencer) comes another great clip by Colin M Day. Enjoy!

ROA – White Walls from Colin M Day on Vimeo.