White Walls Say Nothing

Check out this trailer for the film ‘White Walls Say Nothing’ which will hopefully be the first feature-length film of its kind to explore art and activism in the streets of Buenos Aires. It promises to be an eye opening film, highlighting the work of artists including Jaz, Ever & Tec in a city most of us know nothing about; in order to get this film made they have set up a Kickstarter page. You can donate and find out more HERE.

Buenos Aires is a complex, chaotic city. It has European style and a Latin American heart. It has oscillated between dictatorship and democracy for over a century, and its citizens have barely known political or economic stability.

Throughout Buenos Aires’ turbulent history, successive generations of activists and artists have taken to the streets to express themselves, through words and through art. This has given the walls a powerful and symbolic role. They have become the city’s voice.

This powerful tradition of expression in public space; of art and activism, has made the streets of Buenos Aires into a riot of colour and communication.

Stylised painted propaganda vies for attention with advertising billboards. Sprayed messages declare love for football teams, people and political ideals. Graffiti writers have tagged every wall and shutter, and in recent years street art has flourished bringing vibrant works to every corner of the city. Together, these layers of paint tell the story of this unique form of expression.

The walls of Buenos Aires talk. “White Walls Say Nothing” is a film which reveals how much they have to tell us.

On 1st October graffitimundo launched a 30 day campaign with Kickstarter, an online funding platform for creative projects.

The campaign aims to involve the public in the project, offering rewards to backers who make a financial contribution including photography, music, the documentary itself, original artwork and unique experiences.