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Moniker Art Fair 2016

Moniker Art Fair 2016 opens this week and we’re pretty excited! Some of our favourite galleries are going to be showcasing the best of their artists and there’s some great new projects from the Art on a Postcard guys, Maser and our boy Josh Stika! This year also features open studios from some of London and Dublin’s finest.


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Mau Mau

For the last couple of weeks Londoners have been afforded the privilege of seeing Mau Mau’s work displayed in the Westbank Gallery. We caught up with the elusive man for a brief yet insightful Q&A. Here’s what he had to say.

A lot of your work carries political or social undertones, do you feel this is crucial when creating a new piece?
Yeah, I see that the Babylon system wants complete control of the people, corruption is everywhere; in their governments, police, media, environmental destruction, super rich and super poor.
I see certain art and music as the conscious voice of the people that they cant control.

Does this have any relation to the foxes, monkeys and other animals you chose to portray?
I see animal behaviour in humans and human behaviour in animals. We are closer than alot of people think. I like the fox. It’s resourceful, it can adapt and hustle, tresspassing from country to city.


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