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VNA issue 20 alternative cover

An official happy new year from everyone at VNA – we hope you all had a cracking festive period and that some of you received VNA gifts on Christmas morning from your loved ones (or yourself).

To start the new year off with a bang we are releasing something a bit special. Issue 20 marked the first time VNA was printed with two alternative covers. One, gold, is available exclusively through our web store and for subscribers, and the other, black and white, was until now available only at stockists. However for a limited time only you will also be able to buy this version direct from us – limited to 200 copies.

VNA Issue 20 Launch Party

Here’s some snaps from the launch a couple of weeks ago at Moniker Art Fair, Village Underground. It was a great night and an amazing turn out so thank you to everyone who came down and celebrated with us on a Friday night, we hugely appreciate the continued support from you guys and the time you put into queuing!

Thanks to Moho Cider for providing something tasty to drink whilst everyone flicked through the mag and browsed the art on show.

All images by Rhys Atkinson.


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We caught up with VNA issue 20 featured artist DeeDeeKid in his bedroom to find out a little bit more about the young artist.

At only 22 Niklas Coskan aka DeeDeeKid is still at an early stage of his career. Born in Herne, which is located in Germany’s former coal mining area the Ruhrpot, it is no wonder that one of his main topics is morbidity. His fresh, high quality output and the tremendous quantity at which he has delivered it in the last six years can only be explained by his young age – living his dream and having a lot of fun with it. A year ago DeeDeeKid moved to Berlin to study at the Berlin University of Arts and to work as a freelance illustrator and artist in this creative metropole.

You can read more from him in VNA issue 20.

Filmed by Editude Pictures.

VNA x DeeDeeKid from editude pictures on Vimeo.

Limited Editions

100 of these screen printed editions of VNA issue 20 will be available to buy at our launch party tonight at Moniker Art Fair, Village Underground at a cost of £30. Each limited edition pack comes with a screen printed envelope, 3 limited postcards and a screen printed copy of the magazine, all with artwork designed by Retna.

Both the alternative covers will also be available to buy this evening at £5.99 each – after tonight the gold cover will be exclusive to sales from our online shop and the black and white cover will be exclusive to stockists.

Doors open at 6pm – arrive early to avoid disappointment!

VNA Issue 20 – Everything you need to know..

Very Nearly Almost is proud to release its twentieth issue. After six years and hundreds of artists featured, issue 20 is brought to you with an extra 32 pages, bigger and better than ever. This 164-page beast is brimming with features and beautiful images from some of the most talented artists in the world and the cover is graced by a living legend; the one and only Retna.

Producing some of the most visually stunning street art in recent history, Retna explains his signature style and the intricate processes behind his work. Not content with featuring one of the most exciting artists from across the pond we’ve also got interviews with the USA’s master of eco-surrealism painting Josh Keyes, the infamous skateboarding graffiti artist Neckface and the master of mystical worlds Greg Simkins.

No issue would be complete without an Australian artist and this time round we caught up with the man behind some of the most controversial pop-art and mash-up paintings, Ben Frost. But as usual we’ve also packed in some talented Brits in the forms of Guy Mckinley, with his anime-inspired characters and photographer Will Robson-Scott. Alongside them are chats with graffiti king Smash137 of Switzerland, street artists Ozmo and Above and German newcomer DeeDeeKid.

Alternative Covers & Limited Editions

To celebrate the release of this milestone issue, VNA 20 will be available with two alternative covers; one, gold, is exclusive to our web store and subscribers, while the other, black and white, will be available through our network of stockists. Pre-orders of the online copy will be available to buy from 11th October and will be sent out on 12th October.

As always there is a screen-printed edition of the magazine, with artwork designed by Retna, 100 of which will be available at our London launch party alongside a screen-printed envelope and limited edition postcards. 20 of these limited packs will be up for grabs through an online lottery, and 30 screen printed magazines will be sent out at random to those purchasing copies of VNA 20 through our website.

To register your interest in the online lottery please send an email to LTD@verynearlyalmost.com – images of the limited edition coming soon.

Please join us at Moniker Art Fair at Village Underground on Friday 12th to celebrate the release of this issue.

Check out some of what VNA 20 has to offer..

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Reader's Choice

Come September we’ll be releasing the 20th issue of VNA magazine, it’s going to be big, it’s going to be bad (the good kind of bad) and it’s going to be beautiful. We want you guys to have your say on one of the features – comment on our Facebook page or Tweet us with who YOU would like to see interviewed in our 20th issue. We’ll approach the most requested artist and fingers crossed get a tasty interview done for you all, but don’t get too mad with us if we can’t, artists can be tricky people!

Keep it realistic, in other words don’t suggest Banksy, and remember we won’t feature anyone we’ve previously covered so check out the artists featured in back issues in our online shop.