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Pablo Delgado show

If you occasionally stroll the streets of East London or at least flicked through issue 17 of VNA magazine chances are you might be well familiar with minuscule world that Pablo Delgado is the master of.

And so, this Thursday, at Howard Griffin Gallery the Mexican artist presents his latest show entitled EVEN LESS. Delgado is known for abstracting existing images and rearranging them into new surreal scenes and compositions.

The title of the exhibition reflects Delgado’s obsessive focus in minimising and reducing his work to its smallest expression. The constant need to be less reflects the world’s unsustainable requirement for resources and necessities. As a counterpoint to this, minimalism and an emphasis upon negative space become a paramount means of expression.

The upper level of the gallery is delineated into two distinct areas, one containing the other. In both, Delgado investigates the corresponding qualities of negative and positive space present in his work with an installation that gives attention to absence in order to give meaning to presence.

Howard Griffin Gallery
189 Shoreditch High Street
London, E1 6HU
16 May 2014 to 08 Jun 2014
Private view: 6:30PM 15 May


Limited Edition VNA 17

Here they are, the beautiful limited edition VNA 17’s, with a cover designed by The London Police. They come with a limited edition envelope and 3 different stickers..

80 of these available at the launch on Thursday night at 18 Hewitt St – Arrive early to avoid disappointment.
20 are available in our online lottery – Email ltd@verynearlyalmost.com to register your interest.
50 sent out to a random selection of stockists worldwide and available for £5.00 РKeep your eyes peeled. (Please note these 50 will not be in an envelope or have stickers)

Good luck and look forward to seeing some of you on Thursday night!