Philth & Splendour


Subtly straddling the boundaries between illustration, design, street artist or graffiti, Philth is uncategorizable. His work is haunting, yet endearing, strangely attractive to the senses; the heady mix of symbolism and alchemy present in his work is inspired by the art in science, Victorian paintings and woodblock printing.


Projects with Adidas, Snow Queen Vodka & China White projects have all popped up to pay the bills, but he prefers to spend his time collaborating with start-ups like Viva Sativa & UTC from grass roots level where he has more creative control and artistic integrity.


The winner of Secret Wars Birmingham and finalist of Euro league has an upcoming solo show running in Bristol:

Friday 12th April, 6pm

Weapon Of Choice Gallery,
8b Park Street
Bristol, BS1 5HR
United Kingdom