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Articruz and Marion Gallery present SPECTRA

Selina Miles at the helm for this awesome little movie about some awesome little (big) artists… Nelio, 1010, Cisco Merel and Felipe Pantone go wild in the playground of Articruz workshop, in association with Marion Gallery.

All of the artists were trained in design and arose from the world of graffiti and street art, watch this for their explorative 3D creations.

(subtitles for those wot don’t speak nuffink uvver than Inglish)

Shida – Ecstasy In The Abyss


Returning to Melbourne after a huge worldwide expedition touring four continents, Shida is currently working on his latest installation at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne. Exploring fractal, cataclysmic colours and a constantly evolving mythology, Shida weaves an intense mythology in his work.

Congruous with his work, Shida’s name embodies flow, movement, and vivid colours. Enhanced by graphic lines, he pushes ideas of socio-sexual aspects of the body, his characters sprawling across buildings, wrapped in chaotic embraces, manic laughter spilling from their lips.

Ecstasy in the Abyss opens on the 19th April at:

Backwoods Gallery.
25 Easey street