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OSGEMEOS at Vilnius Street Art Festival

Brazilian artists OSGEMEOS came back to Lithuania with a very personal mission – to pay respect for their grandfather, who is of Lithuanian descent. In their mural for Vilnius Street Art Festival the twin brothers incorporated a picture of their grandfather sitting in the palm of a colourful giant – a very recognisable OSGEMEOS style, with a unique Lithuanian twist.

2_OSGEMEOS_VILNIUS STREET ART_photo Tautvydas Stukas

The guys at Vilnius also had a public meeting with OSGEMEOS during which they talked about artists’ past, present and future, you can listen to the podcast here:


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Vilnius Festival – Aryz & Tankpetrol Photoset

Henrik Haven popped over to Vilnius Street art festival to pap some of the walls over there, here’s a little round-up of some of what he saw…



First time in Vilnius, Aryz has created a mural from the scratch, without any preparatory sketch. Initially the owners of the building, a public medical centre, expressed their wishes not to have any skeletons, skulls or cigarettes in the mural, since it might be offensive to their aging clientele. However, in the end Aryz signature skeletons appeared and the mural is now a hit with elderly ladies passing by to the medical centre.


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M-City at Vilnius Street Art Festival

M-City at Profsajungu Rumai for Vilnius Street Art Festival


Even though Vilnius as a city is more than hundreds of years old, technically it is a young capital that only passed through the 25 years of independence milestone. In order to touch on topics of Soviet heritage, democracy and rapid change as well as a new rising threat across the border, Vilnius Street Art festival chose strategic locations and buildings that artists were free to play with.

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