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VNA NYC Launch – Issue 23 – Faile

As we’re recovering from necking Sailor Jerry’s til stupid o’clock this morning, we’d just like to say a massive thanks to everyone for turning out to the launch last night.


Special shouts to Faile for their hard work and support, as well as all the people that came through.

More jump off after the jump off!
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VIBES – Forward Motion

Featured in the upcoming issue 23 of VNA magazine, Vibes is an artist to be reckoned with and we can’t wait to see what his show will have to offer. Open to the public for just four days, Vibes will transform an empty Soho shop with a full property takeover of art on both outside and inside walls; he will also present a selection of new works on canvas inside the transformed space.

Recognised as one of the leading innovators in spray paint on canvas, Will Vibes’ Forward Motion presents a series of work of detailed, abstract and surrealist landscapes, featuring soft and hard visuals against intangible backgrounds. Vibes inspirations behind this body of work are taken from early street art inspirations, alongside Chinese Landscape paintings and modern digital graphics.

The transformation is open to the public on 1st August for 4 days at 39 Great Windmill Street, London W1.

Forward Motion Poster- Will Vibes

Nychos is smashing London right now…

Long time friend and photo contributor to VNA, CHEFFO31 captures these shots of Nychos & Vibes painting on the weekend!

There is much disappointment amongst the London graffiti and street art community as news filters through that the buff take away yet another pair of works of art, hours after completion…angry?! You bet! So whilst standing in Brick Lane on Saturday I get wind of some serious painting taking place over at Trellick Towers…the names Nychos, Vibes, Tizer and Roids are enough for me to straddle the bike and make haste while there was enough light. On arrival it’s like a who’s who of writers of varying styles. Totally unprepared with no SLR I have to start firing with the iPhone and capture some shots of two of my favourite writers Nychos and Vibes. Their contrasting styles of sick lines and wild font against gruesome exploded animal matter is immense and I stand in awe of two guys who love to paint and are so fluid in what they do. Having a brief conversation mid session with Nychos about his plans I learn that he’s over for a couple of weeks with big plans of big walls! Let’s hope the bloody English summer sorts it’s act out and let’s us bare witness to something great… No not the ruddy Olympics….more great work from our Austrian visitor. Here’s a selection of shots. I was fortunate enough to shoot some shots with Vibes SLR to record the work, I need to get hold of them believe me!

[Photo courtesy of Nychos]

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