Reka – OLYMPVS – Avantgarden Gallery

Our favourite Berlin-based Aussie, Reka is opening his latest show, OLYMPVS at Avantgarden Gallery.


Renowned for his graffiti, Reka’s work is populated by figures from anthropomorphic forms, playful but disturbing as it combines contradictory emotions: humour and foreboding menacing. These abstract and surreal figures, constructed from sharp lines, dynamic movements and bold colours, invade the streets of the city, “climbing” on brick walls and giving the urban environment a new layer of ‘literary colours’


The subjects by Reka, perfectly inserted in the Berlin metropolitan context, promote dialogue between the viewer and the surrounding environment. Reka’s art is not limited to the studio work he has been producing, but will overspill to the walls of the gallery too, spreading from the confines of the canvas to to the real world as his characters cross over the boundaries of fantasy and reality.


For artwork enquires and exhibition catalogue please contact:


Via Cadolini, 29 – 20137 Milano