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Alëxone's "French Lowrider"

Something a little different – a new vinyl toy by French artist Alex Dizac, aka, Alëxone. Based on the painting above, which was tribute to his old Citroën BX, the French Lowrider vinyl is pretty damn faithful to Alex’s unusual style. Featuring the pengiun character at the wheel this slightly surreal piece also features 5 smaller pengiuns who apparently are the drivers of the vehicle.

Sculpted by Julien Moreau and produced by Artoyz Originals in Paris,  the figure is 9’’ wide and 6’’ tall. Scheduled to drop tomorrow to coincide with Alëxone’s new show, “Y a pas photo” at Galerie L.J. in Paris and is limited to just 150 pieces.

Mike Giant x Reckless Toys

Mike Giant x Reckless Toys "Toypunk"

One for the Mike Giant fans! This new hunk of quality Japanese vinyl is the “Toypunks” mascot, designed and illustrated for the Toypunks series that has been documenting the designer toy and related movers and shakers over in Japan. Vol 1 is out at the moment featuring Hikaru from BxH, Frank Kozik and others.

This piece takes the classic Giant logo and makes it a 3d reality standing at just over 8 inches. This is available now from the Reckless Toys website: http://recklesstoys.com/ for $99 plus shipping ($114 total for international orders).