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TLP Print Release – The Rise of the Samurai of Paul

Their forthcoming print release titled ‘The Rise of the Samurai of Paul’ sees a trio of beaming, three-headed characters in a ‘floating city’ theme, originally hand drawn on canvas, created for their spring 2015 exhibition at the Megumi Ogita Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. The occasion was, of course, marked by more of their Lads appearing outdoors in various spots, making themselves at home all around the famously vibrant city. It is a print that condenses the ambitious, irreverent brilliance of the pair as seen in vast, outdoor paintings in far-from-home locations, from Oslo to Los Angeles.


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Art In My Mouth

By Cheffo31

Over the past weekend something quite special took place in a location not normally known for it’s Street Art prowess.

VNA was asked to support this unknown show, and was eager to see how it would unfold. We took the trip up to Norwich, yes home of Coleman’s Mustard, The Canaries, and was the 90’s territory for Global Graffiti head Shok-1. I’d seen the flyer and couldn’t believe the bill! The London Police? Really in Norwich, is this for real?? Alongside Mr. Penfold, Millo, Miss Wah, RX Skulls…and a host of other international and local artists! Blimey! It was a no-brainer. The show named ‘Art In My Mouth’ was the creation of curator Frazer Bailey, a young guy with a great passion for Street Art whose collective Moosey Art hosted the event @Stew Gallery and Print Rooms, a non-profit making organisation run by volunteers founded in 2008, providing open access screen printing facilities for paper and textiles.


A great white walled space that would have equally been at home in East London. The walls of four rooms were adorned with canvases, framed prints, painted skate decks and other painted materials of real high quality. In the main room a collaborated live drawing session was taking place with local artists mixing it with the globally renowned names with a rare collaboration between TLP & Mr Penfold. It was a very enjoyable evening, and hopefully the first of many, and after speaking to Frazer his passion was obvious when he explained how he wanted to “Make Norwich a similar destination to Bristol with some BIG walls” this was a bold statement indeed, but something that would certainly put Norwich on the map, and hopefully with the support of other international artists something could happen in the East!
As well as the show The London Police and Mr Penfold teamed up to paint the interior of a local hangout The Birdcage in Norwich’s Lanes district.