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NUART PLUS Festival – Photo Round-Up

VNA were invited to check out NUART Festival in Norway, apart from being rainy and £10-a-beer expensive, it was also pretty good. These are some of the shots from Henrik Haven and Butterfly of what went on (mainly because they’re heaps better photographers than any of the VNA team)

Etam Cru 04

This years event featured a mostly Euro-centric line-up, including Andreco, Borondo, Fra.Biancoshock, Dotdotdot, Etam Cru, Icy & Sot, Levalet, Martin Whatson, Mathieu Tremblin, Strøk, Spy, Tilt, M-City, Maismenos and John Fekner, as well as a rad wonky Scandi-house collab from Liam Hayhow & Epifany.

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Monokrome Two

The new ‘Monokrome Full Kolour’ book is about to launch and having flicked through a copy at the office we can assure you that this vibrant look at the international street art and graffiti culture as it stands in 2012 is a must-have for graffiti lovers.

Packed with the work of 33 of the world’s best graffiti artists, this book is endorsed by some of the most exciting names on the worldwide graffiti scene. There are interviews with all the artists so you can learn more about their drives, creative ambitions and how they got where they are. Some of the artists featured include REMIROUGH, DOES, CODAK, MR WANY, TILT, KOFIE, EAZ1, PEETA, SHOK1, AZEK, SUIKO and INKFETISH.

The book launches on Thursday 6th December at 347-349, Old street, EC1V 9lP (under the railway bridge just before you get to Kingsland Road) in association with Joys of Childhood and End of the Line. The first 100 people through the door wil receive a free print and the book itself will be on sale for a reduced price of £20, down from the RRP of £29.99. That’s 999 penny sweets you can buy and eat whilst perusing the book when you get home.

More images below
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Monokrome: The World’s Best Graffiti in Full Kolour

Monokrome have just released their latest book, an in depth 340 page hardback book dedicated to some of the best graffiti writers round the world. With previously unseen work from artists including REMIROUGH, DOES, CODAK, MR WANY, ELSE, TILT, KOFIE, EAZ1, HUSH, PEETA, SHOK1, AZEK, JEROO, SUIKO, INKFETISH, ESTRIA, BATES, ASKE and AMATIC amongst others, this book was compiled by old school graffiti writer Robert Whitelock so you can be sure it’s something worth getting your hands on. You can grab it from www.monokrome.co.uk

TILT @ Montana Shop Montpellier

VNA favourite and Issue 14 feature star TILT  had a successful show launch at the Montana Shop & Gallery in Montpellier last week. TILT and partner in crime MIST hit Montpellier hard, with street throw ups and collaborative show pieces.

The show itself, entitled “ABC” saw the king of bubble letters tackling pieces built from the alphabet and placed into various familiar forms – the ever-present Spongebob, heels, superheroes and more. TILT also mixed it up with photographs of its larger artistic installations, preparatory drawings of the show pieces and huge fabric piece “ABCdaire”. It also saw the  launch of his Deck’ On collab blogged here, which sold out.

Deck'On x TILT

French label Deck’On collaborated artists to produce a series of skate decks last year. For 2011 they’ve up their game still further taking a roster of Frenchies including both TILT and MIST and adding into the mix Alexone, Gum, Jace, Nasty, Smash137, Speedy Graphito, Sun7 and Tanc.

And they’ve gone all limited edition too, scaling back on the numbers (each artist only produces 30 sets) but upping the concept – with each artist creating a triptyque set of decks. First up is this this remix of Jim Phillips’ classic Screaming Hand illustration done for Santa Cruz by TILT. Although pricey at €290 (or €350 for a signed eidtion of 5) it is still limited and the execution is top quality.

You can grab them here