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Miami – Scope & Art Basel 2014 Photo-Set

We hit Miami for the art fairs this year and while we were impressed with the overall scale and sheer size of Art Basel, Scope held a few gems too… Here’s a few of our favourite shots.


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DXTR – The Weird

Based in Dusseldorf, DXTR is a member of the German-Austrian crew The Weird, a talented international street art / graffiti group known for their warped and imaginative characters. Members of The Weird don’t seem to distinguish between large walls and smaller illustrations; their imagination runs wild in any available space. Global Street Art caught up with him to talk about his art and the art of not getting arrested.

Inside Dxtr’s Laboratory

My flat always looked like a laboratory, paint kettles and cans everywhere. So some friends called it Dexter‘s Laboratory, thats where the name comes from.

I have been drawing since my childhood. In 1999, at the age of 16 I got into illegal graffiti, introduced by some friends of mine – classical stuff. I really liked painting at night, but I also always focused on sketches and character based things since the beginning. Hanging out at my friends house and sketching in blackbooks was my daily routine.


In the early years I had several problems with police and at that point I focused more and more on characters, sketches and canvases. In 2006 I moved to Dusseldorf to study Communication Design at the
University of Applied Science. I finished my diploma in 2010. I’m still living and working here as a freelance illustrator alongside The Weird’s mural projects.


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Recommended Shows & Exhibitions

Rabbit Eye Movement Art Space Opening – Vienna

The Rabbit Eye Movement art space has invited 30 national and international artists with urban illustration background to come together, jam and celebrate their first event called “DRINK’N’DRAW”. All the artists, including The Weird, Jukebox Cowboys, Lords, Sobekcis & Michael Hacker have already been there a few days creating drawings together which will be shown at the opening.

The opening will also see Michael Hacker will release his first screenprint collaboration with Nychos called: “TOO MUCH METAL FOR ONE HEAD”.

For those in Vienna, the new space can be found at Gumpendorfer Straße 91. The RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT wants their new Art Space to be a platform in Vienna for local and international urban and graffiti artists. Their ambition is to give graffiti illustration the same level of recognition within the art scene as it does in cities like London, New York and Paris. Yet it will be more than a gallery; it will be a meeting point where in addition to exhibitions, all kinds of events such as concerts and art festivals will be held there.

We wish we could be there to support this opening but hope to get out their soon and check out the new space. For those of you lucky enough to be in Vienna, head down on 6th December for a night we don’t think you’ll forget in a hurry.

More shows after the drop ——>>>
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The Weird Exhibition

THE WEIRD is an association of 10 young artists and illustrators from Germany and Austria. The group was formed after numerous joint exhibitions and murals in 2011 and tried to find the areas of painting, comics, installation, Muralism, urban art, character design and illustration new ground and set standards.

The joint group show at Neurotitan is the first major solo show from THE WEIRD since its inception. Wish we could go check it out!