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The Jaunt – Remed

Traveling art project and screen print studio The Jaunt is inviting their 25th artist to take the road. This time inviting the French Spanish artist REMED for a trip to the Canary Islands, to one of the smallest islands called La Gomera. We caught up with REMED to talk about his trip, what he’s hoping to find and what he will bring with him. “I’ll bring the least to find the most.”.


If you are not familiar with The Jaunt (www.thejaunt.net) yet, make sure to get familiar with them quick. The Jaunt offers limited edition screen prints from some of your favorite artists. The artists travel to a place they’ve never been to before, and create a print once they have returned from their trip. You can order your print for as little as 60€ but only at sight unseen before the trip takes place. Place your order in due time, usually these prints sell out quick!

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The Jaunt AKACorleone Print

With The Jaunt’s last trip to the island of Sicily, they bring 2015 to an end. And now they have the final result from AKACorleone to show you. A vivid print which speaks to the imagination while capturing the rich variety and history of Sicily. As AKACorleone himself explains:


‘I tried to go to Sicily with very few expectations, to not be disappointed. Obviously I expected to discover a place full of history, not the pretty fairy tales kind, but the gritty, heavy history of Sicily. Catania was the first surprise. I knew very little about this harbor city and I found a city filled with a beautiful decay. It’s a mix of history, monuments, statues and dark alleys. Because of the harbor it feels like a place where different kinds of people pass by, each with their own influences.’

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The Jaunt – AKACorleone – Interview

Portuguese artist AKACorleone is the next artist to join The Jaunt, the art and travel project that sends artists all over the world to find inspiration. Artists who have participated in the project previously include Mike Perry, Niels Shoe Meulman, Cleon Peterson, Hedof, Collin van der Sluijs, and many, many others. For AKACorleone’s trip we are traveling to Catania, on the beautiful island of Sicily, Italy. A place with it’s obvious mafia history, but also home of Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe. After AKACorleone comes home from his trip, he’ll visualize his new found inspiration into an artwork which will be produced as a limited edition screen print. This print is now for sale, at sight unseen, on the website of The Jaunt – www.thejaunt.net/trips. Make sure you order one of the prints before the trip starts, before you miss your chance!

st jude

We caught up with AKACorleone recently to get the lowdown before his Jaunt:

– Hey Pedro, What’s up? What are you working on at the moment?

Hey! All good in sunny Lisbon, super busy working on some new projects, preparing a few murals in Lisbon, also having fun experimenting with some new art pieces on my studio, I rarely have the opportunity to do this and it´s one of my favourite things, just play with new media, materials techniques, feel like a mad scientist!

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The Jaunt x Neils ‘Shoe’ Meulman

The Jaunt have just announced their tenth trip of the project. For this trip they have booked flights to Istanbul, Turkey, with Dutch legend Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman and will be producing a brand new print along the way – selling them for 60 Euro’s, which is probably the most amazing deal around for a Shoe print.

The first Shoe tags appeared on the Amsterdam streets around 1979, and haven’t left since. From becoming a legend at 18, to running an advertising agency and now exhibiting worldwide, his work is affiliated with style wherever he goes. In 2007 he launched the ‘Calligraffiti’ movement, an art form that fuses calligraphy and graffiti.


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The Jaunt with Amanda Marie

The Jaunt have just announced their first international and female artist participant. Living and working in Colorado, USA, Amanda Marie will be on a transatlantic flight towards Glasgow, Scotland.

Featured in VNA issue 21, Amanda’s graphic stencil artwork has a distinctive look and feel. A combination of nostalgia and storybook style imagery, is paired with her smart and subtle surreal feel. The imagery that draws you in quickly keeps your interest. Her work has not gone unnoticed with recent and upcoming exhibitions at Stroke, Moniker Art Fair, Scope, The Garage and White Walls Gallery. Needless to say, Amanda Marie is killing it. Scotland, the land of bagpipes, gingers and lake monsters. The land where the price of a castle is the same as a New York apartment. And oddly enough the land where the national animal is actually a unicorn. But also the land of rich history and beautiful scenery amongst the many lakes and out stretched nature. Glasgow, the largest city of Scotland, is an industry city by heart but one with a modern and cultural pulse. The cultural pulse can be found at the Glasgow School of Art, the prestigious art school originally designed and built by architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. A true landmark in the city and still one of the leading art schools in the United Kingdom. We’re looking forward to seeing what Amanda Marie will be taking home from her trip.

Read all about it and order your print on www.thejaunt.net/trips



VNA Issue 21 featuring an interview with Amanda Marie

The Jaunt

The Jaunt is a new concept from The Netherlands, put together by Jeroen Smeets. The aim is pair up inspirational cities with talented artists to produce unique work.

“Stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing new surroundings is often quoted as the main source of inspiration for artists. We aim to provide these inspirations to artists by organising jaunts. Short and pleasurable excursions or journeys.
For each jaunt we will send an artist to a new destination. Once arrived, the artist will soak up all of the local impressions and inspirations. From freshly brewed local coffee to small boutiques, neoclassical architecture, overcrowded tourist sights and whatever else falls in their way.

The artist will work all of these new impressions into a limited edition screen print, thereby creating a unique travel document. The limited edition screen prints are exclusively offered at sight unseen. You know which artist is going to which location, but the outcome is yet to be determined. This way you are part of the inspiration while experiencing the creative process. All at a very affordable price.”

The latest Jaunt to be organised is to the city of Porto in Portugal where artist Collin van der Sluijs will be producing art based on his experiences travelling to enjoy the atmosphere, culture and people of Porto. ‘Collin’s work is best described as the personal pleasures and struggles in his daily life, translated to his own visual language.’

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