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It’s Alive…. The Chop Shop

It’s a bar, an art gallery, a music venue, a skate hub and it’s finally here…

The Chop Shop, housed in a former mechanic’s workshop, is only a temporary project – it will run for four months until December 31 after which the building is set to be torn down.

After a Grand Opening on Saturday night, the Chop Shop would be open every Friday and Saturday night until the end of the year, including documentary screenings, custom car paintings, street art exhibitions, a hip hop festival, and Halloween at the Chop Shop .

cho shop

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‘The Chop Shop’ is here to enliven Canberra’s street culture. They will present the best artists every Friday night and the craziest events every Saturday, we’re talking spray painting, custom car spray off’s, indie music festivals, hip-hop nights and skate jams just to name a few of the events on our crazy calendar.

Coming completely organically from the creative community, championed by Pat Rose and Sancho Murphy; ‘The Chop Shop’ has garnered the support of everyone and everything this side of the Burley Griffin (Canberra) and beyond. ‘The Chop Shop’ smashed it’s crowd funding goal, had polished it’s floors and was ready to party; when a big piece of red tape came along and asked for $80,000 worth of changes and far stricter conditions than those that were originally on the table.

‘The Chop Shop’ need you to get behind them and show that the people are crying out for this project and we aren’t going to let it be soiled by a handful of grinches in the community. Sign the petition and let ‘The Chop Shop’ soldier on as originally planned!

Please share, sign and support ‘The Chop Shop’: https://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/andrew-barr-save-the-chop-shop-2

cho shop