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One of our favourite Aussie girls, Deb, is putting on a monochromatic melee of art in the name of Prostate Cancer awareness. MAN UP is a show featuring all-male artists from across the globe, all artwork is up for sale, with 100% of the proceeds going towards the Cancer Council’s work on research, prevention and treatment of Prostate Cancer.

The exhibition features work from:

Eyez (USA) | Ghost Cave (USA) | Greg Mike (USA) | Jim Houser (USA) | Mark Bode (USA) Mear One (USA) | Mike Giant (USA) | Mike C (HIT+RUN CREW) (USA) | Nathan Parker (UK) | Phill Blake (UK) | Vyal Reyes (USA) Alex Lehours | Ben Bigeni | Ben Brown | Ben Frost | Dale Bigeni Damien Matter |Danny Young | Dboe | Edward Woodley | Faz | Jacob Morley | Jumbo | Justin Feuerring | Ken Taylor | Luke Shirlaw | Mark Douglas | Martin E Wills | Matthew Gordon | Michael Fikaris | Monkey | Onshow | Paris | Pilfer | RJ Williams | Sarris | Shane Kenning | Shida Steen Jones Sprinkles | Stabs | Teem | and more…

Doors Open: 6pm 11th October, aMBUSH Gallery.

Show continues: 12th Oct – 14th Oct 12-4pm.


MAN UP is a part of DEB’S 16 week intensive fundraising efforts for PROSTATE CANCER follow her here: www.facebook.com/IHEARTDEB

Donate here: vic.cancercouncilfundraising.org.au/abcdeb

Deb – Cupcakes and Pirates…

Top Australian artist, Deb, took a few minutes out of her hectic schedule to sit down with VNA for a chat about tattoos, going solo and hamburgers. Here’s the result:

So, Deb, tell us how you first got into art?

I was always painting and drawing all over everything since I was a little kid and even in school I always got into trouble for it, because everything was covered, all my books, all the desktops in my classrooms, my bag, the bathrooms, my school dress… I was only really interested in art as a kid and always knew I wanted to do something with it.

More jump off after the jump off

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AnyForty T-Shirt Comp

Many of you may have noticed how much we like the new ‘Australian Invasion’ range of tees from AnyForty and T-world; it might be because we have been indoctrinated to love all Aussie’s by the people from down-under that work with and around VNA, or it might be because the tees are seriously awesome.

Either way we’ve got a few to give away to you courtesy of the generous guys at AnyForty, with designs from Meggs, Numskull and Ken Taylor.
To enter just name any other Australian artist who has designed a tee for the ‘Australian Invasion’ series. Send your answers to ro@verynearlyalmost.com with the subject ‘ANYFORTY COMP’ before the 26th June to be in with a chance.


We recently mentioned the fantastic release of the new AnyForty & T-world Australian Invasion t-shirt series, and now you have an opportunity to walk into a physical space and buy them!

Sampled is a ‘slicker than your average’ sample sale, record sale and general good time destination next Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th in Bar Music Hall, Shoreditch. With goods on sale from not only AnyForty but Stussy, Alife, Dephect & The Wild Ones amongst many others, this is your chance to pick up fresh pieces for your summer wardrobe.

AnyForty & T-world – The Australian Invasion

Our friends over at clothing brand AnyForty have had a busy couple of months working on a new series of t-shirts in collaboration with Eddie Zammit’s T-world. With designs from Australian based artists like Beastman, Ken Taylor and Meggs, we have been eagerly awaiting this release for a while. But the wait is over.. nearly!

AnyForty jetted off to New York to launch the series last night at Gallery Bar, and whilst we are pretty jealous we weren’t there, they have revealed the look book today and they really have chosen the tastiest Aussie artists to design this collection.
They go on sale here on Monday 14th, so salivate away over the weekend and decide which of these affordable beauties you are going to get your hands on. Each t-shirt comes with an artist specific 24 page mini T-world issue as well!

Here is a small selection of the tees on offer, but to see the rest check out their look book.

AnyForty x Meggs

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T- world : An Interview with Eddie Zammit

Eddie Zammit is the publisher of the world’s only dedicated T-shirt journal, T-world. The latest edition throws a spotlight on New York City, home of iconic designers like Milton Glaser (‘I Love New York’) and cult international brands such as Milkcrate Athletics and Supreme. Zammit has also just finished curating the Southern Hemisphere’s largest T-shirt exhibition, NEXT, featuring over 1,000 T-shirts from all over the globe (the viral campaign alone attracted an incredible 85,000+ hits).

VNA: So, tell us about the latest edition of T-world?

EZ: We’ve just launched the seventh issue of T-world, based around New York City, I’ve long wanted to focus on just one particular city. I’d always created T-world as an out-of-hours project and I got the opportunity when I quit the design agency I was working at about a year ago. When I got to New York, I decided to take it a lot more seriously. The T-world you see now is still a journal, but with a hardcover. The reason I’ve gone down this route is because a lot of people want to use it as a reference guide, so I don’t really see it as a typical journal, more a reference guide. It’s about information that you might not be aware of.

VNA: Is each issue a snapshot of what’s going on at the moment?

EZ: Definitely, the New York issue was pretty self-indulgent to be honest. It’s really a snapshot of what’s around me at the time. The beauty of this edition is I’ve featured people from 18 up to 81, that’s what I love about T-shirts, they’re not exclusive to any age group.

VNA: Where has this come from? Have you always had a fascination with T-shirts?

EZ: I’ve always worn T-shirts and I didn’t really realise how many I had up until I had a fight with an ex-girlfriend where I needed more wardrobe space than she did! I now own, errrrr, 3,500+ tees.

Read on for the rest of the interview and to find out how you can win a copy of the T-World Journal
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