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JUSTKIDS x Bicicleta Sem Freio T-shirt

JUSTKIDS and Brazilian artist Bicicleta Sem Freio team-up on a limited edition t-shirt series. After producing numerous acclaimed and sold out Fine Arts prints JUSTKIDS will be unveiling a unique limited edition t-shirt in collaboration with famed Brazilian Artist Bicicleta Sem Freio. Produced by hand at the JUSTKIDS lab in Italy, these T-shirts are one of a kind and are sporting BSF’s iconic images from their last London solo show “Ratcat Dinner”.


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Subscriber Tee – Mysterious Al

Most of you know the deal by now, if you buy a 4 issue subscription to VNA you will receive 1 free artist designed t-shirt. Last time was Buff Monster and this time round our lucky subscribers found this awesome tee designed by Mysterious Al on their doorsteps. Produced in both black and white, it even has a sneaky little VNA in the beard.

Another top artist is in the midst of designing our next one, and if you ordered a subscription package from 24th November onwards you can expect good things coming your way with issue 18 in March. If you are still keen to bag yourself a subscription then remember that anybody placing orders after the 22nd February will not receive their free tee until issue 19.

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Turbokolor Press Tribute Series x VNA

Born out of an appreciation for the art of printed magazines, our good friends at Turbokolor set about to create a series of T-shirts featuring designs made by Swanski, their Art Director, in collaboration with individuals from selected publications.

The guys at Turbokolor hold the strong belief that tangible magazines should not be left in the darkened corners of the past but instead celebrated and acknowledged as the foundation of our modern blog and online culture. VNA welcomed the opportunity to take a stand for the importance of printed text and imagery and so jumped on board at the offer of a collaborative Tee.

Other magazines involved in the project were Amateur (Switzerland), Modart, Lodown & Streetwear Today (Germany). The series premieres in the 1st week of June at the Turbokolor flagship store in Warsaw and online at store.turbokolor.com.

Free Revok tee by ALEXÖNE

You all know the story by now: Revok jailed for 180 days and with a bail set at a ridiculous $320,000. And the art/graff community has reacted with numerous benefit ideas to help Revok pay legal bills etc. The latest installment comes courtesy of France’s ALEXÖNE and the team at Swiss clothing firm Some-tee.

This 3 colour screenprinted tee will set you back about £27 plus postage and can be purchased here: some-tee