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Over The Desk – A VNA Book Review

Not something we usually do, and probably won’t get around to doing again for quite some time, but we thought we’d review some of the books that we’ve had spread over the desk acting as upmarket coasters for the past month.

It’s also probably the only time you’ll see publications about animal porn next to books that include the Vatican’s ltd edition record releases. Unless perhaps that sort of thing goes on at the Vatican when their librarian’s car isn’t being used to smuggle hundreds of kilos of illicit drugs. Who knows…

T-post 96 – Alife – T-post


Now-retired Alife head honcho, Tony Arcabascio has stepped down from the pioneering clothing brand to concentrate on publishing. His latest focus is Swedish-born heavy-hitting monthly t-shirt zine, T-Post; a wearable magazine, with each ‘issue’ focusing on a different story or brand.

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Artscape – Exploration: Future – Malmö, Sweden

Street art has reached a tipping point and everyone agrees that things are about to change in a big way… But what will happen next?
Artscape – Exploration: Future invites a group of experts and thinkers to discuss what the future might hold for our generation’s most popular art form.

Among the guests are:
Fernando Frances Snr. – Director, CAC Málaga
Peter Bengtsen – PhD candidate, Lund University
Fernando Frances Jr. – Curator, MAUS MÁLAGA
Jacob Kimvall – PhD candiate, Stockholm University
Lee Bofkin – Founder of Global Street Art

The event will be live streamed through Bambuser: www.bambuser.com/channel/Artscape and on the website: www.artscape.se

Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/1499132896969595