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VNA Christmas Gift Guide Part 2

We know you like cool stuff, we like cool stuff also, here’s the second part of our round up to help you lock in those last little treats for your loved ones…


1 – Puma – Disc Blaze Felt – size.co.uk
2 – Triwa – Havana Nevil Orange Watch – triwa.com
3 – Native Brand – 8 Ball Tee – nativebrand.com.au
4 – Sony – SRS-X11 Bluetooth Speaker – sony.com
5 – Red Wing – Heritage Deerskin Gloves – redwingshoes.com
6 – VNA – Issue 31 – subscriptions available from: verynearlyalmost.com
7 – VNA x EINE – Limited Edition Scarf – verynearlyalmost.com

Subscriptions Cut Off Date

Just a reminder that today is the last day you can purchase a subscription and still receive your free artist designed T-shirt with issue 19. Any persons purchasing subscriptions after today, 29th May, will not receive their free T-shirt until the release of issue 20 in September! Any questions should be directed to Ro@verynearlyalmost.com.

Subscriber Tee – Mysterious Al

Most of you know the deal by now, if you buy a 4 issue subscription to VNA you will receive 1 free artist designed t-shirt. Last time was Buff Monster and this time round our lucky subscribers found this awesome tee designed by Mysterious Al on their doorsteps. Produced in both black and white, it even has a sneaky little VNA in the beard.

Another top artist is in the midst of designing our next one, and if you ordered a subscription package from 24th November onwards you can expect good things coming your way with issue 18 in March. If you are still keen to bag yourself a subscription then remember that anybody placing orders after the 22nd February will not receive their free tee until issue 19.

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Subscription Price Increase

Unfortunately in order for subscription packages to continue we are going to have to increase the price by £5. This is due to rising printing and postage costs. We will be implementing this price change on Tuesday 29th November, so if you did still want to purchase a subscription then you have the weekend to do so at the current price.

However please remember that anyone buying a subscription now will not be receiving their free artist designed tee until the release of issue 18, if you bought your subscription before 24/11 you will receive it with issue 17.

We here at VNA strive to keep prices fair and affordable so hope you understand that we wouldn’t be increasing them if we didn’t have to!

Buff Monster Tees for Subscribers

As a number of you will have discovered in the last few days after eagerly ripping open the packages landing on your doorsteps, this issue’s free subscriber tee came courtesy of the one and only Buff Monster! We think they are pretty fucking awesome and hope you do too.

For those of you who didn’t purchase a subscription until after the 22/8, don’t be disheartened, your free t-shirt will arrive with VNA 17 in a few months time; and if we got Buff to do this one, just think who we might have lined up for the next design.

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Subscription Cut Off Date

Our new subscription packages have been a huge success, so thank you to all those who have already invested. For those who still intend to get their hands on one, the cut off date to receive your free artist designed t-shirt with issue 16 is next Monday, 22nd August. Anybody purchasing a subscription after this date will not get their t-shirt [which will be a different design] until the release of issue 17 in early December! Please visit our shop for more details.