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Sepe reveals a new piece at abandoned spot in Wołczyn, south Poland


After a successful London solo show, Polish artist Sepe is spending his summer exploring abandoned spots around his homeland and painting new works. Continuing slightly darker, more haunting style he’s been working with lately, he recently revealed this new piece in Wołczyn, south Poland.
Inspired by “Mouse Utopia”, experiment by John Calhoun from 1968, “And We Left All Our Cares Behind” is the title of this new raw and expressive piece he recently revealed. The piece is artist’s vision of what happens to human development when there are no dangers nor natural limitations like the struggle for existence etc. Painted in a secret, abandoned spot using dimmed, pastel colors with lots of sketch like lines and drips, this surrealist piece blends great with the environment with almost ghost-like feel to it.


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POW! WOW! Long Beach Recap


From June 22nd – 27th, Long Beach hosted the newest edition in the series of POW! WOW! worldwide events.  This round included a museum show, series of workshops and lectures, Jeff Staple’s 1-2-1 talks, concerts, presentations, movie premieres and finally, mural painting.

In collaboration with Thinkspace Gallery “Verve and Vitality: Transforming the Urban Landscape” show was organized @ The Long Beach Museum of Art. For this event, an impressive lineup of contemporary, urban and street artists created works on the walls inside and outside the museum. Some of the artist participating in this unique event were Aaron Horkey, Andrew Schoultz, Audrey Kawasaki, Brendan Monroe, Esao Andrews, Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins, Hottea, Low Bros, Nychos, Saber, etc. Varying in their style, background and visual languages of the participating artists, the show resulted in an extensive overview of the current contemporary and urban art scene. The exhibition itself gathered so much interest by the local community, the number of visits broke all of the museum’s attendance records across the board. At the same time, other group of artists were painting mural through the city, beautifying the area with some fresh works by such artists as Hueman, Madsteez, James Jean, Tristan Eaton, Jeff Soto, Fafi, Cryptik, etc. (Photo credit by Brandon Shigeta)


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Cross Words

Steve Cross is a multi-talented artist, working across many mediums, including spraypaint, pencil and tattoos. Originally from Perth, Wild Western Australia, he now resides in Melbourne, where he co-runs Korpus Tattoo Studio. We caught up with the all-round b-boy for a chat about his murky past and inky fingers.


Tell us about your studio, Korpus…

Korpus was founded in 2007, in Brunswick, Melbourne. My good friend, Brian Graydon, and I came up with the concept of an art studio that would also run as a tattoo studio. We figured that if we exposed new images, ideas and concepts to people, we’d break away from that clichéd idea of what a tattoo and a tattoo studio should be. We hoped customers would respond with more of an open mind, which, in turn, would expand the possibilities of what they would want, and what we could illustrate on them. To start with, it was tough, as, initially, we learnt how to tattoo for 12 years, but now we were thrown into the business side of things. Five years on, we have great artists working with us, and we’ve had some amazing people come through. All the people who work, or have worked, at Korpus have been artists that Brian and I have looked up to and wanted to either nurture or learn from.

More jump off after the jump off!
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