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Clever New Pieces by DotDotDot in Oslo


DotDotDot recently spent some time working on new pieces on the streets of his hometown. Working on some new concepts and images, Norwegian artist painted 4 new pieces, including this large stencil piece of a rhino carrying a safety ring.

Along with large rhino in Scandinavia being kind of a glitch in the matrix, the idea of dangerous animal holding a life saving symbol is probably the key element of this piece. The artists left the interpretation to the observer as usual, but climate change and Norway’s new, strict policy towards refugees come to mind when looking at this work.

The other two piece are more focused on the modern technology and the ways it affect and form our reality. The first one is showing a beehive with drones buzzing around it, referring to drone craze that’s been taking over the world. The 2nd one is a simple thinking bubble with recognizable “loading” graphic inside, that comes to life once a random passer-by is next to it. The last one is a small intervention on a traffic sign, showing a driver tossing a bottle through the window as a reminder of Norway’s tough DUI laws.


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Stencil Art Forum


In partnership with the Stencil Art Prize 2015, Joshua Smith, Losop, Poncho Army, Boo; as well as Gallery Director Bill Dimas (aMBUSH Gallery) and Academic Dr Jacqueline Millner (Sydney University), will discuss key philosophical and artistic questions concerning the stencil art discipline.

Hosted by gallerist Ariana Leane, the forum aims to critically debate and question what exactly stencil art is and what it could be. With expert insight from panel members with broad backgrounds, the forum is a unique occasion to ask your burning questions.

This is the inaugural event for the Stencil Art Forum in Australia and we are excited to be hosted by our friends at the Stencil Art Prize. Key topics for discussion include; defining ‘stencil art’; is technology an integral aspect of stencil art; why stencil art here and now; and what the future holds for the discipline? The forum will be followed by a Q&A with an open invitation to ask questions.

The forum aims to encourage artists, collectors, professionals, enthusiast and the general public to take part in the discussion for what will surely be an insightful and interesting afternoon of artistic discourse.

aMBUSH Gallery, Saturday 17th October from 2pm for this free event.
Level 3, Central Park, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008

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