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NUART Festival in Stavanger, Norway kicks off a strong line up of panels and discussions today, starting off with the inaugural Pub Debate, headed up by team captains Evan Pricco, Editor in Chief at Juxtapoz, and writer Carlo McCormick, the two go head-to-head with artists Harmen de Hoop and Bortusk Leer to explore the subject: Should Art Have to Carry a Deeper Meaning?

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Saber buffing his own work at Nuart

Check out this video of Saber buffing his own work at Nuart Festival in a statement about the potential introduction of a zero tolerance policy to graffiti in the city of Stavanger.. where Nuart is held.. despite the fact that the council funds Nuart; more of the usual hypocritical bureaucratic nonsense we see constantly from city councils all over the world.

The video explains it all.
Language in it is NSFW.

SABER FOR NUART 2012 from NUART on Vimeo.