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Curiot’s “Act II, Volume IV: Cascading Nebula” solo show @ BC Gallery


Berlin’s BC Gallery recently got a massive makeover which was introduced to the public on February 25th. While setting up his latest solo show titled “Act II, Volume IV: Cascading Nebula”, Curiot painted the gallery space floor to ceiling, creating an immersive installation in which he presented his latest body of work.

The main idea of this exhibition is to take us on a surreal, futuristic journey into a parallel universe of Mexican artist’s alter ego named Xikatze. As the title suggest, this show has to be seen in a bigger context – as a part of a visualized sci-fi story which involves several exhibitions and projects. The body of work reflects the artist’s inner identification process, digging deeply into his experience with Mexican culture and it’s ancient gods and spirits . Mixing the ancient and futuristic, as well as the real and virtual, this show is opening a portal to an alternate reality filled with psychedelic imagery and colors. White Act I ended with a transcendent death-like experience for Curiot’s characters, Act II is exploring the idea of what comes after this transition. The works are showing visions of the worlds the soul could travel to, the things it might encounter or the lessons it might learn from the experience. Working in different, often traditional mediums, the show is direct result of artist’s spiritual upbringing deep in the Mayan jungle, as a part of a small tribe named “Tlaltzotl” which can be translated as “guardians of the path”.


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Sowat ‘Tempus Fugit’ @Galerie Lefeuvre


From the urban wastelands of the Mausolée project to the underground ventilation shafts of the Palais de Tokyo, Lek and Sowat are the first graffiti writers to be welcomed as artists in residence in the villa Medicis, the prestigious Academy of France in Rome.  During  his 12 months residency,  Sowat created a new series of work that will be exhibited for his solo show ‘Tempus Fugit’ at the Galerie Lefeuvre in Paris opening tonight.

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Kai & Sunny – My Eye On You – Colette, Paris


Colette is pleased to present My Eye On You, a series of new works by the UK based artist duo Kai & Sunny. It will be their 1st solo exhibition at the gallery after solo shows in London,New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. In conjunction with the exhibition, the artists will release a new print edition, available for purchase at the opening reception.  

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Pejac – “Law of The Weakest” solo show


Since 22nd of July Londonewcastle Project Space in Shoreditch is showing “Law of The Weakest”, a self produced solo show by the Spanish artist Pejac. Coincidentally, his first major London show will also be the last art event held at the legendary venue.

Artist who raised a lot of attention with his engaged public works that speak about environmental, social, political, racial and other important subjects, created a large new body of work for this showing. The works currently on view in London are continuing his interventions created everywhere from his hometown of Santander in Spain to Norway, Jordan, Japan, Seoul and other places he’s been working at.

The exhibition consists of some 35 new works that include drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations as well as a limited edition released for the event. Using wide range of techniques and materials, each piece Pejac produces carries a strong message. From Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” stained glass replica on an astronaut helmet, to a large canvas depicting a landfill full of books, his work criticize current state of the world and cleverly point out subjects other tend to ignore. The entire show is installed in a coherent showing, giving each piece enough place to be enjoyed and admired. Special focus was definitely put on his remake of Monet’s “Poppies” by hanging it on a wall covered with Victorian wallpaper. “Hunter”, a round oil on panel also got a prominent spot displayed on a large wall full of bullet holes, while one of his more famous images, “Meadow” got a special room being displayed along one of the sculptural pieces “Bunker”.

The show will stay on view only until 31st of July, so make sure you visit this landmark exhibition if you’re in London.


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Snub 23 Solo Show – POLYHEDRON


With his first big event of the year, cyborg heavy-hitter Snub is treating us to POLYHEDRON, an all-new solo show in Southsea, Portsmouth, between the 2nd and the 30th of April. One of the key themes in the exhibition is to capture demonstrate the scope of the Brighton-based graphic artist, as mentioned when we caught up with him for a quick interview about the new show. Continue Reading →

Felipe Pantone is opening “Data Smog” @ Lebenson Gallery, Paris


From 26th of March through 9th of May 2016 Lebenson gallery in Paris will be showing a solo show by Felipe Pantone. Spanish/Argentinian graffiti artist who successfully transfered his futuristic vibrant hi tech style onto a canvas and paper will be showing a new body of work titled “Data Smog”.
As one of the cutting edge urban / street artists out there, Pantone is fusing graffiti, typography and abstraction into a recognizable visual language bursting with ultra-modern aesthetics. Inspired by the technology and information that is influencing and changing our world and society by the minute, the idea of this show is to present the copious amounts of data that accumulates around the world. Though physically invisible and intangible, the artists depicts this “noxious muck and druck of the Information age” through vivid spectrum, highly evolved geometric shapes and rendered dimensional objects. For this show he produced 8 canvases (mostly square shaped), and 4 black and white pieces on paper.


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Bilbao’s SC Gallery presents “Demain c’est loin” Sebas Velasco’s solo show


On Saturday 12 December from 19:30 h SC Gallery in Bilbao will be showing “Demain c’est loin” first solo show in Basque country by Sebas Velasco. For this exhibition the artist produced a series of paintings showing reflections about the real underworld, discontent and uncertain future in these times of crisis and economic recession.

Velasco’s oils tell stories about those who live “in the periphery” and about lonely, empty or derelict establishments, hence the exhibition’s title “Tomorrow is far away”. Added element of uncertainty and raw feel is the fact that the action takes place at night, when “unidentified youth” come to these places to paint or just to have fun. Technically, the works include melancholic aesthetics that we usually relate to Americana, but passed through a European filter (specially an Eastern European filter). Also, the artist isn’t hiding his working process, but uses it to accent the parts of the image and/or add dynamic to his works, the same way he uses light to accent the reality factor of his imagery. These works are results of his own documentation of graffiti underworld experienced during his travels to Poland, Germany, the former Yugoslavia, etc but could be happening anywhere, as such action exist in every city.


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Katrin Fridriks Is Opening “New Wave” @ Circle Culture Gallery

Fridriks Speed of Light - High Frequency diptyque 270x130+5cm - 2015

After exhibiting at the Global Art Affairs Foundation at Palazzo Bembo Venice in the context of the Biennale di Venezia 2015, releasing a new limited edition screenprint with Lazarides and having her first monograph release scheduled for later in a year, Katrin Fridriks (featured in issue #26), is rounding up a successful year with a solo show “New Wave”. Opening on November 6th @ Circle Culture Gallery in Hamburg, this exhibition will include new works that continue her research on the relations between mass, speed and the distribution of energy.

Unique in both visual and technical aspect of her practice, Iceland-born conceptual artist is on the constant quest of finding new way to capture movement and energy in her abstract paintings. For this particular show she created a new body of square pieces that are focused on the law of gravity, using a newly developed technique of shooting the paint on the canvas at a certain speed and frequency. The result are vibrant works created used bright primary colors that applied on silver primed canvases give an illusion of paint levitating above the surface. These new works are result of artist’s strive to capture the creative force on canvas in similar manner she would execute a letter in one brush stroke when learning Japanese calligraphy years ago. More fluid and seemingly calmer than some of the previous works seen from the artist, the new pieces feel like they are about to continue their lava lamp movements, constantly changing shapes and playing with the observer’s eye. The show will be staying on view through February 26th so plenty of time for Fridriks’ fans to make their way to Hamburg and see it in person.


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Ludovic Vernhet – Ludo Opens “Duality” @ Castor Gallery


On November 30th Castor gallery will be opening a solo show “Duality” by Ludovic Vernhet aka Ludo. Featuring works of varying sizes and mediums, the show will include some brand new canvases as well as smaller sculptural works and a site specific installation recreating a dinner setting inspired by Paris in the early 19th century.
This is artist’s first solo show since his London exhibition last year, and the first one with the young Lower East Side gallery. Built around the idea of duality and opposites, as a main theme of his work in general, the new pieces are introducing some new imagery as well as revisiting some older, most recognizable concepts. Known for his signature black and white imagery of biomorphic hybrids with bright green accents, the works are commenting on the ways mankind intervene and affect nature. By showing mechanical, often weapon related parts as essential elements of plants or fruits and vegetables, his works comment on our uncertain future. Just like the public works he created everywhere from London, Paris, NY, Tokyo, China to Caribbean, his global critique of current state of mankind often evoke socio-political conversations which is the main goal of his work.


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Above – Remix – Interview

Above’s latest show, Remix, opened recently in Detroit at Inner State Gallery. In his own words, Above describes his mission in his explorative new pieces:


“The intention for my most recent body of artwork is to explore new directions and re-invent the arrow icon I have been creating for over the past 15 years.

The arrow icon is sharp and constructed of straight lines and angles, void of any curved elements. My intention is to contrast the existing sharp angles of the arrow, with the curved and circular cut lines, achieving a dynamic balance between the two with a new fresh look. Similar to that of a hair stylist making a perm on a head of hair that has always been straight.

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