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French skatedeck company Deck’On has released a brand new triptych series by fellow countryman and all round amazing artist ALEXONE. Following on from the likes of Mist and Tilt is no easy feat but Alex has produced a stunning piece of work that flows across the three decks. And props to Deck’On for what looks like top notch print work on the wood. If you like the look of them  they’ll set you back €390 for the set, which is pretty pricey. But when you balance that with the high quality of the decks and the fact they’re limited to just 30 sets signed by the artist the cost seems reasonable.

Head over to the Deck’On site here: Deck’On

Greg Gossel x Atlas decks

Greg Gossel has received a fair bit of flak, rightly or wrongly, in the past for some of his work closely resembling that of Faile. And while a lot of his artwork to date has done little for me, these new collaboration decks with Atlas look damn decent. Most things with Mike Tyson on are going to be good, but  I really like the look of the retro Ironman deck.

Deck'On x TILT

French label Deck’On collaborated artists to produce a series of skate decks last year. For 2011 they’ve up their game still further taking a roster of Frenchies including both TILT and MIST and adding into the mix Alexone, Gum, Jace, Nasty, Smash137, Speedy Graphito, Sun7 and Tanc.

And they’ve gone all limited edition too, scaling back on the numbers (each artist only produces 30 sets) but upping the concept – with each artist creating a triptyque set of decks. First up is this this remix of Jim Phillips’ classic Screaming Hand illustration done for Santa Cruz by TILT. Although pricey at €290 (or €350 for a signed eidtion of 5) it is still limited and the execution is top quality.

You can grab them here