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Dean Sunshine’s ‘Street Art Now’


Following the success of ‘Land of Sunshine’ published in 2012 comes the next book titled ‘STREET ART NOW’. An updated snapshot of the Melbourne street art and graffiti scene over the last two years is once again, all shot by Dean Sunshine on his travels across Melbourne and beyond.

‘STREET ART NOW’ is a larger, hardback book with 206 pages highlighting over 100 local artists and international artists who have painted in Australia.

All sales from ‘STREET ART NOW’ will be put towards any future editions, furthering Dean’s wish to provide ongoing documentation of Melbourne street art online and via printed media.


“Inner Myths” by Shida – Opening Friday 4 July

“Inner Myths”, a collection of new paintings and sculptural works by Shida is a dynamic record of Shida’s development as an artist who envisions infinite worlds. Influenced by the work of Frank Frazetta, Paul Gauguin, Mikhail Vrubel and Nikolai Kalmakov, for “Inner Myths”, as Australia’s most prolific young street artist, Shida reinvokes two centuries of art history in his characteristic style. Shida is considered an asset to Australian contemporary art, who is constantly challenging himself against the sources of his inspiration.

Shida took some time out to talk about his upcoming show….


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Backwoods Interview – Alexander Mitchell

Backwoods Gallery, often referred to Australia’s best ‘street art’ gallery, sits in a quiet industrial back street of Collingwood (Victoria, Australia) at the end of a passageway just wide enough to fit a car. It is the stuff of art collectors’ dreams – regularly holding shows with artists from all over the globe.

Our man in Canberra, Damian Wardle, recently caught up with Backwoods Gallery driving force, Alexander Mitchell for an interview, here’s the latest word from the Melbourne studio.


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Northern Exposure

Mural featuring: Benjamin Reeve, Cezary Stulgis, Fintan Magee & Gus Eagleton

Piece & Paste-Up: Asio and Gus.

Launching at aMBUSH Gallery on Friday 22 November from 7-9pm, Northern Exposure will bring the varied insights and aesthetics of Asio, Benjamin Reeve, Cezary Stulgis, Fintan Magee, Gimiks Born, Guido van Helten, Gus Eagleton, Lee Harnden and Shida to Sydney’s contemporary art audiences and shed light on a more serious side of Queensland culture.

Curated by: Jessica Litsas
Music: Tigermoth
Video: INFX.com.au

Wonderwalls Wollongong

Wonderwalls Wollongong 2013 officially kicks off this Friday night.


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Shida – Higher Planes – Sydney

Shida’s Higher Planes exhibition opens 21st of August, 6pm at The Tate Gallery, curated by The Hours – this is a video about it and stuff.

The Tate Gallery
345 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, Sydney.
Exhibition continues until Sunday 25th August / 12-5pm Daily.

Through Higher Planes, Shida continues to experiment with visual space and landscape painting. Contrasting his traditionally fluorescent palette with phthalo blues, Shida uses layered brushstrokes to create shuffling, otherworldly scenes.

Shida – Ecstasy In The Abyss


Returning to Melbourne after a huge worldwide expedition touring four continents, Shida is currently working on his latest installation at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne. Exploring fractal, cataclysmic colours and a constantly evolving mythology, Shida weaves an intense mythology in his work.

Congruous with his work, Shida’s name embodies flow, movement, and vivid colours. Enhanced by graphic lines, he pushes ideas of socio-sexual aspects of the body, his characters sprawling across buildings, wrapped in chaotic embraces, manic laughter spilling from their lips.

Ecstasy in the Abyss opens on the 19th April at:

Backwoods Gallery.
25 Easey street