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‘SOFT’ – Curated by Sean Morris and Michael C Hsiung


Curated by Sean Morris and Michael C Hsiung, “SOFT” is a 100% woven group show featuring Skinner, Mike Giant, Essy May, Lauren YS, Tina Lugo, Broken Fingaz, Alexander Heir, Travis Millard, Georgia Hill, Kristina Collantes, Hannah Stouffer, David Cook, Heather Benjamin, Luke Pelletier, Nathan Alexis Brown, Maddy Young, Austin England, Dale Dreiling, Sean Morris, Sheryo & The Yok, Marigold Santos, James Jirat Patradoon, We Buy Your Kids, Bene Rohlmann, Michelle Blade, Chris Yee and French.

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‘Mistake Mansion’ – Sean Morris


Goodspace is proud to present ‘Mistake Mansion’ – a solo exhibition by Sean Morris, and the launch of his first printed collection of drawings in 2 years.
‘Mistake Mansion’ is a 24 page tribute to leather-clad outsider culture and good times in dark places, risograph printed by Caldera Press. It will be available on opening night,
accompanied by large-scale print work and a series of animated projections.


Originally from Perth but currently based in Melbourne, Sean Morris has exhibited and published artwork all over the world, including solo shows in London and Madrid.
This is his first ever solo outing in Sydney.

Books will be listed for sale on seanmorris.bigcartel.com on Wednesday.



‘Kingbrown’ Issue 10 Launch Party

The newest issue of ‘Kingbrown’ is co-curated by legends Sean Morris and Tom Groves from Black Canyon Projects, with support from their friends at Form WA. Features brown bag art by Future Colors of America, cover by Brendan Monroe, foldout neon poster by Malarko, diecut vinyl sticker by Sheryo, and a glow in the dark patch by Stevie Gee. There’s interviews with all these artists, plus features on Saner, Neck Face, Hellen Jo, Lugosis and many more.

To celebrate, ‘Kingbrown’ are having a launch party this Friday, with artwork from all around the world on denim vests and brown paper, free booze, and music (to quote co-curator Tom, ‘all the good shit’). Get on down and check it out: ‘Spares Store’ Melbourne, Friday 23 January 2015 from 6pm.


Gold Blood Magic Weirdos

gbmwGold Blood, Magic Weirdos

Curated by Melbourne‚Äôs Sean Morris, Gold Blood, Magic Weirdos is a group show, highlighting 25 internationally recognised artists. Or as Sean has put it ‘world builders.’ These artists are seen to be divided by their unique styles and visions but united by the honesty and humanity found in their work. Damian Wardle grills Sean Morris for his take on the latest installment.

More jump off after the jump off…
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Sean Morris – Return to Doom Lagoon

Australian artist Sean Morris is over in Europe this week to open his new solo show at Watdafac Gallery in Madrid on Thursday 18th April.

“Return To Doom Lagoon” is a show of new prints, sketches and murals by Morris. It’s a continuation of the character-based strangeness that he has has gained a reputation for – this time we are introduced to the girls of ‘Doom Lagoon’ and their colourful, mildly satanic adventures in bikinis and jean shorts.

Like previous collections of Morris’ work, the narrative of the show is formed by a kind of social thought experiment, speculation on the outcomes of forcing people into extreme and isolated social situations. In the case of “Return To Doom Lagoon”, those outcomes involve amphibian sacrifice, tropical fruit worship and drinking cocktails out of human skulls.

The exhibition will double as a launch of a book, also titled “Return To Doom Lagoon” published by Watdafac and featuring the print work from the show.


The Hours

Sydney based artists Beastman, Marty Routledge & Numskull have joined forces to form a new venture -‘The Hours’. They will be combining their talents and skills together to present a wide range of art based creative projects, exhibitions and ideas to the public. To celebrate the launch of this new creative enterprise the trio are holding a launch party this Friday in Sydney at The Tate. More information can be found below and at thehours.com.au

Sean Morris

A fantastic Australian illustrator who has recently appeared on our radar is Mr Sean Morris. We couldn’t help being drawn to his bizarrely amusing imagery and crude subject matter so thought we’d find out what the hell goes on inside his head before we head to his show ‘Killer Abs Will Kill You’ in a few weeks time.

So Sean Morris, for those who don’t know, could you introduce yourself?
I’m a picture drawer from Perth, which is a haunted cowboy beach town in Western Australia.

Your work is both comical and sometimes crude, what inspires you to create images in this style?

There’s this small part of my brain which comes alive when I watch trash TV at 2am, or when I walk past someone in the street with an amazing rats tail or home-made tattoos. It’s the part that makes me want to shave my facial hair into flames and hang out at the worst suburban shopping mall in the world. I usually manage to repress that shit, but when I start drawing it completely takes over.

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