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Jose De Diego School, Wynwood – Robert De Los Rios Interview

The Jose De Diego Middle School sits just outside of the Wynwood arts district in Miami. Although Wynwood itself is gentrifying quickly, the areas around it, the areas that feed the school, like Overtown, are still fairly impoverished, tuff, and derelict. The JDD has little to no money for arts teachers, and as a result the school has no art programs. As a reaction to this, the school is now graced with over 80 murals created by Street Artists and Graffiti Artists from around the world. This massive on-going mural project is organized in large part by Robert De Los Rios as part of his RAW (Reimagining the Arts in Wynwood) effort. De Los Rios sat down with our man Hyland Mather and ate some Cuban food at the old school local’s diner, Enriqueta’s, where Rios did the ordering.


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45RPM – presents Kilroy and Super S Enamel Badge Set

Fresh off the production line and straight out of the classroom sketchbook, 45RPM brings you two of your favourite childhood scribblings. There isn’t a playground, homework diary or skate park in the world with out one of these two iconic images scrawled on them. Who doesn’t want to be in the Super S Crew?


Two enamel badges of Kilroy Was Here and Super S, packaged in a hand-painted gift box with a 64 page B/W mini fanzine of all the best internet found dedications to Super S and Kilroy worldwide, plus a bunch of photos of Super S wall rap sprays. Each fanzine also includes four photo prints of photos included in the publication.


The special sets include:

2x Enamel badges
1x Hand-painted gift box
1x 64 page B/W fanzine (hand tagged cover)
4x Photo prints


For more info and to get your grubby mitts on your set, get online: