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Black Book Time: Mike Kershnar

Creep While You Sleep

Mike Kershnar is an artist who is in it to win it. If his extensive and world trotting resume isn’t enough to prove it, it’s his dedication to constantly creating art, and to getting up any chance he gets that will win your heart over. He’s got murals all over SF, was just in the one year anniversary show at Gallery Heist, and has a show coming up with SF legend, Mike Giant.

Mike Kershnar at 1AM Gallery – SF 10.26.10 from Sean Desmond on Vimeo.

More black book photos…

Kershnar X Giant

With Love, From California

Dear VNA readers, lovers, and freaks,

I am thrilled to inform you that VNA is expanding their blogging borders, and will now include the likes of a West Coast representative. I hope to provide you with premiere picks of West Coast counter culture creatives, and highlight the impact that street art has made in mainstream culture, as well as our daily lives.

A little bit about myself: I write to you from the beautiful, energetic city of San Francisco! Here, I work at a urban/contemporary art gallery, and devote most of my time to this cause by exploring these urges and obsessions. My roots are fertilized in Encinitas, San Diego, California. My love for street art bridges any Northern/ Southern California rivalry, keeping me in constant search for the next visual thrill, while always remaining true to the original kings of the can.

For my first post, I present the drafting of Augustine Kofie, known as Kofie1. Kofie has mad technique and skill. He is so fast, moving from ruler to windshield wiper, you can hardly tell the masterpiece that is about to unveil. Self-taught, hard working, constant creativity, and West Coast graffiti icon, Kofie is one to keep a look out for.

Recent mural done by Kofie1 and El Mac in Arizona:

Courtesy of keepdrafting.com

Canvas work done with acrylic and spray paint on primed canvas, with varnish. Framed in mahogany lattice:

Courtesy of www.whitewallssf.com

Brought to me by Augustine Kofie’s blog.

More Cali love coming soon!

Damn it Banksy…. I was in SF in February!

Banksy rolled through San Fransisco last week and bombed it hard. I have to say that this is his best series of street pieces I have seen in ages and its dope to see some rats back. There are 6 new street pieces I think but these 3 my favorites…

I guess this is a dig at the douche bags who removed the Banksy in LA… I like it though.

Great placement and message.

BIG rat… The symbol is of the Ratbones… I have no idea what it means, but thats one sick rat!

Where will Banksy turn up next? Nobody knows… Where’s the movie next being shown?

Images courtesy of www.warholian.com

Weathering the storm… Jeremy Fish.

I have always been a fan of Jeremy Fish’s work but I have never seen any in the flesh. I have now decided that…

A. I want a piece by Jeremy Fish.

B. I want Jeremy Fish in VNA magazine.

C. Jeremy Fish is one talented guy…




These are shots from JF’s studio in San Francisco in the run up to his “Weathering the storm” exhibition at Laguna Art Museum, Luguna Beach. It look set to be an amazing show and im loving this direction of work.

More shots over on Fecal Face more on the show at the Laguna Art Museum and more from Jeremy Fish over on his site.

Word to Mother… Young Mind, Old Soul

So our VNA correspondent in San Fransisco sent us some snaps from the new show by Word To Mother at FIFTY24SF Gallery entitled… Young Mind, Old Soul.

Looks like a pretty dope show….

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WTM has no website, or myspace, or flickr, or twitter, or facebook, or blog… He’s old school.

More info can be found at Stolen Space

Big ups to our girl Holly over there, taking the snaps and being an alright kinda gal… Cheers Holly!