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Run ‘The Story Teller’

We immediately started counting the pennies when information on this print release landed in our VNA inbox this week. Run’s “The Storyteller” is a drawing from a few year ago, one that comes directly from his sketch book.

Along with Mula printing, the drawing was chosen, as a sweet and dreamy image that tickles the imagination of old and young alike. The whole process was made quite analogically, there were no xerox printers for tracing and editing the illustration, it is all hand dawn and re-drawn for the final handmade screen print.

This 3 colour screen print is available in 4 different colours blue/red/yellow/green and is 60 x 39 cm printed on Fabriano Rosaspina paper 300gsm. The prints come signed and numbered as an edition of 12 for each colour at a bargain £65 + shipping.