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Above – Remix – Interview

Above’s latest show, Remix, opened recently in Detroit at Inner State Gallery. In his own words, Above describes his mission in his explorative new pieces:


“The intention for my most recent body of artwork is to explore new directions and re-invent the arrow icon I have been creating for over the past 15 years.

The arrow icon is sharp and constructed of straight lines and angles, void of any curved elements. My intention is to contrast the existing sharp angles of the arrow, with the curved and circular cut lines, achieving a dynamic balance between the two with a new fresh look. Similar to that of a hair stylist making a perm on a head of hair that has always been straight.

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NoLionsInEngland opens our eyes to Reykjavik street art & graffiti

VNA’s good friend and long time photo contributor NoLionsInEngland came back from a recent trip to Reykjavik with such stunning photos of the local graffiti that we devoted a whole glorious seven pages of issue 19 of VNA to Reykjavik graffiti. NoLions has written an article for us to supplement that photo feature, and he has thrown in a whole different bunch of photographs of the awesome Reykjavik graff scene to compliment those in issue 19, which is available from our shop. Get ready to be shocked and amazed.

Expectations of Iceland are framed by volcanoes, glaciers, sea life and thermal baths but not necessarily graffiti. As the airport bus meandered tight streets disgorging short stay tourists, down a side street the elevation of one building revealed a top to bottom London Police. Where did that come from?! This stunning end elevation set the scene for unexpected discoveries almost everywhere we turned.

London Police, Sara Riel, Nomad, Above

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