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To Find Authenticity; Saber Interview




One of the most passionate, articulate and important individuals ever to grace an art form Saber needs very little introduction, his intricate and giant style find form in everything from pure abstraction to confrontational political action. Whilst the glory days of record breaking pieces may be behind him, he retains an honesty whose clarity is a cutting as ever. I had the pleasure of speaking to him about progress, parenthood and politics.

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Montana Cans presents: Between Street and Art – Miami Art Basel 2014

More and more Street Artists and Graffiti Writers find their way into the professional art world. They create a whole new market that grows with the interests of prominent buyers like Pharell or Swizz Beatz. At the same time these two worlds still seem very seperated and only a view Street-Artists are recognized by the Fine Art scene and galleries. During last years Art Basel week in Miami we met Revok, Shepard Fairey and Cleon Peterson, talked about their view on their own development and heard some interesting tips to make a career in the art world.

Video Shot by www.marcus-werner.com
Also visit: www.montana-cans.com

Cruel Summer @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery


On Saturday, 23rd of August, Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC will be closing their group show Cruel Summer that opened 2 weeks ago. Curated by collector, graffiti historian and urban anthropologist Roger Gastman, the show is presenting works by a very diverse artists from around the world. Even all of them coming from the graffiti/urban art background, their fine art works are significantly different in every aspect. From mediums used, to formats, themes and overall feel and looks. From abstract and conceptual, to flat and pop art ones, to comic or tattoo like ones, this exhibition shows the various way that graffiti or urban art can evolve into when entering contemporary art sphere.

The show features over 20 artists from USA, Brazil, Australia, France, Denmark, etc, including Rime (header image), Cope2, Horfe, HuskMitNavn, DabsMyla, Pose, Maya Hayuk, Blade, Revok, Caleb Neelon, Cleon Peterson, Rime, Finok, Shepard Fairey and more. With some of them being basically institutions in the urban art world, and others being hot new names, this variegated show is a must see.


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A little review of NYC

So last month I was lucky enough to spend a week in NYC and obviously while there went around some spots to check on the street art/graff (when I wasn’t dodging some proper hard rain showers!). The first thing that struck me was the sheer volume of great work on USPS stickers, especially by FAUST and SURE/SURER (RIP) as well the usual graff trucks. Anyway that’s enough talking, the pics can do the rest – enjoy!


Free Revok tee by ALEXÖNE

You all know the story by now: Revok jailed for 180 days and with a bail set at a ridiculous $320,000. And the art/graff community has reacted with numerous benefit ideas to help Revok pay legal bills etc. The latest installment comes courtesy of France’s ALEXÖNE and the team at Swiss clothing firm Some-tee.

This 3 colour screenprinted tee will set you back about £27 plus postage and can be purchased here: some-tee

Revok On The Run

Particularly interesting is the bit where Revok talk about how precious everything was when you had to really struggle to get the right fat caps and now it so easy and accessible. And what street brands in particular is he talking about?