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"Mr Spray"… Can't go wrong…

I used to collect a lot of vinyl toys until I got bored of cleaning the dust off them. I still have a few but these days I seem to spend my money on booze, supreme t-shirts, art books and my impending wedding. (Growing old or what?)

If I had some cash and they were a bit cheaper I would pick up some older Kaws pieces… Just because they are dope.  Shep doesnt do toys very often, so this  is one I might try to pick up. The gold version looks the best fo’ sure. More info HERE

Hit and miss?… Arkitip.

Arkitip is a MASSIVE inspiration to me. It has done for many years. The whole collectable magazine shit… The extras that come with it? Damn I love it. They have a keen eye for print, good simple layouts and they seem to pick the right artist at the right time and usually blow us away with something we all want… BAD!

But is it just me, or does it occasionally fall short? I mean looking at some classics… issue 0020 KAWS with the free fridge magnet?…BANG!

Issue 0029 Andre (Forget the fact that it came with a bum bag, it was dope)… BANG!

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Dave The Chimp loves you…

Remember this street piece by Dave The Chimp in 2007 (I think!)…

Well it seems the good people at Nelly Duff have turned it into a rather tasty screen print…

If you forgot to get your missus a Valentines gift, or you did something stupid on Sunday maybe you should get her one of these. Theres nothing like “I LOVE YOU” spelt out in jizz. Is that what it is? Its cool though.

 Buy it here.

Fancy a cuppa? Mr jago style?…

Im not sure quite how I feel about this. On the one hand its just another “thing” to spend money on and then put on the shelf never to see the light of day again… But it is a pretty cool signed mini Jago print, even if it is the size of a postcard.

Other artists envolved in this series of cups and saucers include Tara McPherson and Dan Baldwin.

From a place called Click for art… HERE

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VNA 10 special edition Blue colour way? Oh no we didnt…

Oh yes we did…

VNAspecial BLUE

Whilst screen printing the special edition VNA 10 covers in D*Face’s studio, we were lucky enough to get the chance to produce a second colourway of the image. In “Santa Cruz Blue” this edition is so small only a handfull were printed and none are for sale! later this week we will be launching a competition where we will have a few of these up for grabs, so keep an eye on the site.

Thanks again to D*Face, Tab and everyone at Stolen Space for making this happen.

P.S There are no more colourways… I promise.

VNA 10… the launch party!

So here is a quick look back at the VNA 10 launch party last Thursday at Stolen Space gallery

outside s

vna verynearlyalmost lauch issue 10 - (c) Phiga.de Philip Gabriel 006

vna verynearlyalmost lauch issue 10 - (c) Phiga.de Philip Gabriel 018

vna verynearlyalmost lauch issue 10 - (c) Phiga.de Philip Gabriel 029

vna verynearlyalmost lauch issue 10 - (c) Phiga.de Philip Gabriel 023

What a great turn out. The artwork on show was DOPE and the whole vibe of the night was just right. Thanks again to Beth and everyone at Stolen Space for making it happen.

All images by our good friend and talented photographer Philip Gabriel at www.phiga.de

The end of an era… Rugged is no more.

Yes its true… After seven years, the free magazine (Part of the Carhartt brand) has printed its final issue…



Rugged was a magazine both myself and Greg looked up to a lot, both in terms of layout/design and the general content. Its a real shame that the magaine is no more. Whats even worse is what the makers say on the Carhartt UK blog about the state of the magazine industry…

“It’s true, print is threatened with extinction and magazines for FREE even more so.”

Duh duh duh… Shit! We are screwed… Quick BUY VNA! BUY VNA! BUY VNA! 

Big up Rugged, you will be missed. There is no better feeling then picking up a free magazine (Actually picking up free beer is even better! but you get what I mean)


Thanks so much to everyone who showed up last night to the launch party of VNA 10. It was crazy to see a line of people outside the gallery waiting to buy the magazine, I didnt actually believe it was for us. The limited editions we had on sale at Stolen Space sold out in under 20 minutes! Anyway, more of that later plus some snaps from the night.

With regards to today. Bare with us as we get the 20 packs online today. We might have some technical issues and it might be a little delayed but they will be up soooooooon….

ltded pack

Is there an echo in here? Sorry.