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Miron Milic’s mural gets buffed for ridiculous reasons


Participating at the local Indirekt festival, Miron Milic recently spent couple of days painting in a Croatian coastal town of Umag. Working on a facade of the local elementary school, Croatian artist created a meaningful piece that combines illustration and text, as most of his works.

Inspired by the ecological principles on which this particular school is based, the work is showing two hands counting the 4 major R’s of sustainability – Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Reinvent. While obviously positive and encouraging in its core, the mural ended up being completely misread and misjudged by the local hot heads obsessed with nationalism and times past. Instead of seeing the important message that the kids should remember and use through their life, frustrated individuals, including the school principal, saw 3 opened fingers which reminded them of the gesture that Serbian radicals were showing during the war on the Balkans few decades ago. Sadly, this was good enough reason for the principal of the school to selfishly order the buffing of the work by an academic painter only 3 days after it’s completion. Luckily, few days after the incident the town mayor apologized to the artist and invited him to come and paint a new mural.

Milic’s Behance profile

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The Writing On The Wall


The original book of London graffiti. Out of print since 1976, now reissued and expanded, with new text and unseen photographs.

I Fought The Law_1200_rgb

After 38 years out of print, Roger Perry’s unique survey of London graffiti of the mid ’70s is finally going to be available once more. Just as relevant nearly forty years on, Perry’s book is as much a cultural history of London at the time as it is a graffiti book.

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