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Adele Renault – Feathers And Faces

Amsterdam-based artist Adele Renault has something of a dirty habit… Painting pigeons is one of her favourite pastimes, and perhaps for what she is known best. However, her latest book also sheds light on some of her human portraiture.

Displaying the same intimate touch whether she illuminates people or pigeons, Renault’s masterful hand brings forth feathers and wrinkles with equal precision. From her aspirational quest to paint Mike Tyson’s portrait, via many flocks of pigeons on the way, to the inhabitants of Burkina Faso, her subjects are bathed in light, avoiding direct contact with the viewer in a way that brings them close, whilst maintaining distance and a sense of privacy.

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Backwoods Interview – Alexander Mitchell

Backwoods Gallery, often referred to Australia’s best ‘street art’ gallery, sits in a quiet industrial back street of Collingwood (Victoria, Australia) at the end of a passageway just wide enough to fit a car. It is the stuff of art collectors’ dreams – regularly holding shows with artists from all over the globe.

Our man in Canberra, Damian Wardle, recently caught up with Backwoods Gallery driving force, Alexander Mitchell for an interview, here’s the latest word from the Melbourne studio.


More jump off after the jump off…
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Ronzo's Birdz

To coincide with our Ronzo interview in issue 18; João Retorta was given the opportunity to follow him through the process of creating and rolling out his famous birds on the streets of London.

To win one of these unique birds (pictured below) from Ronzo just answer this question and email your answers to ro@verynearlyalmost.com with the subject RONZO COMP before the 9th May.

Which city is home to Ronzo’s ‘Credit Crunch Monster’?

You can read more about Ronzo and his world of birds in issue 18 of VNA.

VNA X Ronzo from João Retorta on Vimeo.

And for a full 360 view of the bird up for grabs watch this video!

Ronzo Birdz – 360° (Grey Edition) from Ronzo on Vimeo.

More from Ronzo can be found here – www.ronzo.co.uk

And if you don’t win this bird then keeping checking Stolen Space as 10 limited edition creations will be available to purchase soon.