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Rewire – Art x Audio – Exhibition & Kickstarter

For 60+ years art has adorned the sleeves of records, a visual expression of what’s inside, but these guys are about to Rewire that relationship.


An international line up of visual artists have created works which are now being interpreted sonically by audio artists. Effectively reversing the common record model where the artist creates an image to capture the mood of the music.


The visual works come from a curated line up of abstract urban artists. The audio artists have been selected from the vein of experimental electronic music.


The project will culminate in a multimedia exhibition, book and vinyl box set. Curated by Rob Swain (Gamma Proforma) and Andrea Parker (Touchin Bass / Aperture).


We need your support to bring this project to life in the form of a book & vinyl box set. The exhibition will take place irrespective of the kickstarter campaign. Opening night, Saturday 9th August 2014 at Gamma Transport Division, Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

Visual Artists: Augustine Kofie, Jerry ‘Joker’ Inscoe, Poesia, sheOne, Nawer, Stendec, Moneyless, Phil Ashcroft, Derm, Robert ‘Tone’ Proch, Sebastien Preschoux, Sat One, Graphic Surgery, Felipe Pantone, O.Two, Roids, Clemens, Behr, Christopher Derek Bruno, 108, Kidghe, Stohead.

Audio Artists: Luke Vibert, Divine Styler, Mike Ladd, Andrea Parker / Daz Quayle, Cristian Vogel, Arovane, Einoma, Third Shock, Methodblack, Lyken, Monkphat, Plaster, Clatterbox, GFQ, Quinoline Yellow, Evac, Kero, Dalglish, Bogger, Northburg, Ed Devane.


Phil Ashcroft – Solar System Parameters

Available now on pre-order, the first book from London based graphic artist and painter Phil Ashcroft. Charting his work from 1998 – 2013, Solar System Parameters offers an in depth view on the artist and his work.

Phil Ashcroft explores influences and obsessions, from sci-fi icons and dystopian visions, to an appreciation of painters, contemporary and historic, all the time pushing the possibilities of his media, be it screen print, paint (on canvas or wall), or pixels. Working since the 90s, this is the first comprehensive review of Ashcroft’s prolific career, bringing together a diverse selection of his paintings, lightboxes and prints.

Full colour, hard back, 100+ pages, strictly limited to 300 copies. All pre-orders will be signed by the artist.

Text to include an introduction to Ashcroft’s work by Paul Hobson, Director, Contemporary Art Society; a conversation with the artist by Liz Farrelly, writer, lecturer and √Čtapes editor-at-large and an essay by Simon Hollington, Senior Lecturer Fine Art, Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London. Designed and edited by Rob Swain. Grab it here!

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