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MUSEU DO CÔA COA MUSEUM – CPS 30th Anniversary Show

MUSEU DO CÔA COA MUSEUM – Exhibition: 1/81 – CPS 30th Anniversary


A central part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of CPS – Centro Português de Serigrafia
( Portuguese Printmaking Centre ) was a group exhibition at the Coa Museum. The exhibition
occupies the museum’s three temporary exhibition rooms, each with its unique focus. The first room displays a total of seven editioned works – one by each participating artist.


The second and main exhibition room is dedicated to new original works exhibited for the first time, while the third room is a photography and video installation documenting the artists relationship with the printmaking studio.


Exhibiting Artists include Alexandre Farto ( Vhils ), Miguel Januário, Paulo Arraiano, Pedro Matos, Ricardo Passaporte, Sandro Resende, Susana Anágua and Ana João Romana. Curated by Paulo Arraiano


Curator Paulo Arraiano, explains “1/81” comes from the correlation of the existing mass between the Earth and the Moon. Being this last one the Earth’s only natural satellite and the fifth biggest of the Solar System, it’s also the biggest natural satellite of a planet in the solar system. Regarding its primary body size, it has a 27% diameter and 60% of Earth’s density, representing 1/81 of its mass.


“We correlate ourselves in a so-called contemporary society controlled by artificial satellites, where the speed of a post-digital and new media generation dictates time and velocity, and artificially replaces the natural/analogical world. “Scrolling” reality in search of “new stories”, one’s loss of references for contemplation has become constant, increasingly contributing to distance human beings from nature. A reality where the pictorial tradition of landscaping no longer seems adequate to deal with the intricate web of meanings brought forth by the great networks and metropolises.”










Cheryl Dunn at Ivory & Black

Ivory & Black Soho proudly presents “Sometimes the Answer”, a new show by Cheryl Dunn, which will be the debut exhibition of the new gallery in London’s Soho. The exhibition, opening on Friday, 23rd March, will feature a wide range of photographs from Dunn’s 30 years of signature documentation. In the artist’s words, “At first it may seem ambiguous, but I think it is timely… given the political climate in the world and our inundation with media, collective sanity is very difficult. Nothing is cut and dry, so the answer needs to come from within. When I feel insane, I head to the streets.” Dunn lets her photographic instinct guide this selection of work, inviting the viewer to draw their own conclusions, revise their opinions, or see things in a new light. “I’m a huntress, only I hunt for images, and that’s how I approach shooting ” The works are united by Dunn’s uncanny ability to keep her finger on the pulse of contemporary American youth. The exhibition will be accompanied by the release of a limited edition artist’s book of Dunn’s photographs.

I wish I was in Portugal – Pedro Matos – Solo show.

Ahhhh Portugal, land of sea, sunshine and awesome street artist Pedro Matos. VNA recently did an artist profile of Pedro and now he has got in touch telling us about his solo show. 

From the press release:

Montana Shop&Gallery Lisboa is proud to present Reality Show, a solo exhibition of new works by the portuguese young artist Pedro Matos. The exhibition will feature a new series of Oil, Acrylic and Aerosol paintings on canvas, as well as two site-specif ic gallery installations thought to make the connection between Pedro’s work both on the street and gallery.

Pedro Matos work for upcoming solo show


Dates: 4 JUNE – 30 JUNE , 2010

Gallery Hours: MON – SAT 12am – 9pm Opening Reception: 4 JUNE 9pm – 12pm



Don’t forget Art Stars while your getting you Pedro Matos hit

Pedro has also been involved in the recent  Art Stars project where Ralph Lauren has got around 40 european artists involved in painting stars –  so you should pop by and check that out too. It features artists such as ROA, Herakut, Alexone, and Case so well worth a look. The stars will be showcased in a Raulph Lauren or Polo Jeans shop, and later in November for a collective exhibition in London, which hopefully we’ll attend if they let the VNA dirt bags in.

Artist Profile – Pedro Matos

My work is about humanity, society and the human condition.
Although aesthetically influenced by the old masters, the religious subject matter has been replaced by the portrayal of those who are downtrodden, unnoticed, unappreciated and forgotten in society.

Who are you: My name is Pedro Matos, I am 20 years old and I am a painter, street artist, student and so on..

Barcelona Paste Up

Paste Up, Charcoal on Paper, Barcelona 2009

Home town: I was born in Santarem. Right now I live, study and work in Lisbon and am about to move to London soon I hope.

Describe your style: That’s a tough one. I guess you could say it’s a blend between a “post graffiti” and classical figurative painting where the main subject is the portrayal of those that have been unnoticed, forgotten, marginalized, downtrodden and unappreciated by contemporary society.