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Os Gemeos Mega Mural For Vancouver Biennale Finished


Brazilian street art legends, Os Gemeos, recently finished their biggest mural to date – Giants in Vancouver. Painting over 6 large 70-foot/21 meters tall silos, the twins created this magnificent 360 degree mural for Vancouver Biennale. This large piece of public art shows a small group of their signature yellow face characters, kneeling on the waterfront at Granville Island. (photos by @craige13)

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Os Gemeos Mega Mural For Vancouver Biennale


Os Gemeos are currently in Vancouver, BC, working on a fantastic new project for the Vancouver Binneale. Continuing their ongoing series of murals titled “Giants” previously realized in Greece, USA, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Brazil and
England, these six gigantic 70-foot (21 metre) tall silos, are gonna be their largest mural to date, and their first one painted in Canada.

Aside from it’s impressive size, this mural is 3 dimensional, so the total surface sums up to incredible  23,500 square feet (7,162 square metres)!

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Cross Words

Steve Cross is a multi-talented artist, working across many mediums, including spraypaint, pencil and tattoos. Originally from Perth, Wild Western Australia, he now resides in Melbourne, where he co-runs Korpus Tattoo Studio. We caught up with the all-round b-boy for a chat about his murky past and inky fingers.


Tell us about your studio, Korpus…

Korpus was founded in 2007, in Brunswick, Melbourne. My good friend, Brian Graydon, and I came up with the concept of an art studio that would also run as a tattoo studio. We figured that if we exposed new images, ideas and concepts to people, we’d break away from that clichéd idea of what a tattoo and a tattoo studio should be. We hoped customers would respond with more of an open mind, which, in turn, would expand the possibilities of what they would want, and what we could illustrate on them. To start with, it was tough, as, initially, we learnt how to tattoo for 12 years, but now we were thrown into the business side of things. Five years on, we have great artists working with us, and we’ve had some amazing people come through. All the people who work, or have worked, at Korpus have been artists that Brian and I have looked up to and wanted to either nurture or learn from.

More jump off after the jump off!
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Os Gemeos in Boston…

So good to see a new MASSIVE mural currently being painted by the amazing Os Gemeos in Boston ahead of their gallery exhibition at the ICA in Boston. I just caught this flick of the piece under way on the Vandalog Flickr page and I must say its looking so insanely good…

Then I saw this little street piece by the twins and yet again they blew my mind…

By far two of the best in the business as far as I’m concerned!

Dont believe the hype by Os Gemeos…

It seems BIG things are going down at the “Viva La Revolucion” exhibtion at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego due to open this weekend. What with Shepard Fairey doing his thing Plus all that goodness from Twist and Amaze. Its sure to be a very dope show. This, my friends is tweaking my nuts…

The Os Gemeos twins killing it again! Damn.

Images by Quynh Tran, story via Arrested Motion.