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45rpm Interview – Creative Regurgiation


One of art’s greatest merits is it’s all encompassing nature; able to include any theme, utilise any medium, and express any concept of the artist’s choosing. The later has been thoroughly explored by Bristol-based multidisciplinary artist, 45rpm. In his own words; “If there is a creative pie, then my painty fingers are in it.” The vastness of his artistic scope has been demonstrated time and time again, from his long running sketch-a-day series, to his recent solo exhibition at Moosey Art. Continue Reading →

“After Midnight” – Muretz Solo Show


Norwich-based Moosey art have brought another international name to the eastern edge of the country this month with an all new solo show from Sao Paolo artist, Muretz. “After Midnight” focusses on Muretz’ 2015 body of work which spans over a period he describes as “times where I needed to evolve and take a step beyond.” We caught up with him moments before he boarded his flight to the UK for the show. Continue Reading →

Mr. Penfold – False Advertising

CPrAqnzWEAANlbWMr. Penfold is back and brilliant as ever, in Norwich for the first time since the regionally ground-breaking “Art in My Mouth” group show hosted by the locally based Moosey Art collective. “False Advertising” is a fresh culmination of abstract work based on Penfold’s long-term muse, the humble pre-rolled cigarette. Continue Reading →